Still Awake

Now I am really tired, as I mentioned in a comment earlier. I have all of those posts to write though, and plan on gettin most if not all of them finished tonight. It was brought to my attention in the comments earlier however, that I was remiss in my last post about the evening out. I forgot to mention that Denny was there as well. I don’t know what might have come over me other than exhaustion when I got up at Five this morning. Heck, I even got to sleep a half hour later than usual. It sure didn’t feel like it though. Something to do with four hours of sleep I suppose.

It was quite a lively discussion at times last night. Without going into details I was rolling several times. Zonker’s barf bag. Poan Sta’ Eyes. I am truly looking forward to this years Blogtoberfest in Helen. Just have to cross my fingers and hope that I can get the weekend off.