Poker Strategy

I enjoy playing a nice game of poker. I think I’ve mentioned that my former neighbor built his own table (it was VERY nice) and would host games in his basement. Due to work hours and such I never got the chance to participate in one of his games, which I regret particularly since they moved out of state, but my son did play with them several times.

Although it has been awhile, I never did like playing with inexperienced players. It’s only partly about the money. I actually enjoy the sport of the game and it is much better with folks that also have a good level of expertise and enjoy playing the game as well. I have recently been invited to play with one of my managers and a couple of guys that he plays with but so far I have refrained. I wonder at how good of a player he is as he is always broke and has no money.

PokerOnAMac.Com has a new section on strategy that is a pretty good read, particularly if you want to learn more about the game and the psychology behind it. There are several different sections that deal with different aspects of poker strategies including Poker cash games, Poker tournament strategy, Online poker strategy, Poker theory, Poker math (a must read), and poker tactics.

My favorite is the Poker Cash Games section as it deals with what I like to play, long steady earning games that you won’t bust out of too quickly or easily unless you just don’t bring enough stake. Nowadays it seems that everyone is into tournament style games, but I learned to play at cash game tables and penny games. It has always been the type of game that I enjoy the most.

Probably my particular favorite which they deal with is Hi-lo or more specifically Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo. It’s a nice long game and if you are patient and methodical you can win fairly often at the game. I especially like that they deal with how to play strong, even when you aren’t, such as in the example that is shown with the A-2 showing and pretty much nothing in the blinds.

Anyway, it’s just one more site to suck on my limited time now as there are plenty of tips to read as well as blog updates. One of the things I haven’t had the chance to do much with is online poker, but I have started reading their strategies on that in an attempt to familiarize myself with it.

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