BoldLoft is an online store that has several different products for sale revolving around four different themes, Boy meets Girl, Love Element, Human Touch as well as a BoldLove gift set. They offer stuff such as pillow cases, drinking glasses, coffee mugs, and full body pillowcases. This is one of the fullbody pillowcases currently up on their site.

Pretty cool actually. The wife loves he body pillows but we are never able to find cases for them that we like. Once she’s up and about for the day I will have to show her around the site a bit so that she can maybe find a couple she wants to get.

The two gift sets that they currently have listed include in each a body pillow case, two regular pillow cases, and a couple of coffee mugs. They are both pretty nice and just what you want to get for that special girl after you have made her mad. Flowers are lame, so get something that will get used again and remind her of you.