The Capo’s Mistress

Back in March I wrote a brief review of The Capo’s Mistress by Richard Harris. At that point in time you could read some of it online and the audio book was also available for download or you could listen right there online. For a brief recap you can search for “The Capo’s Mistress” in my sidebar or go straight to Richard Harris’ home page and see what the fuss is all about there. The book has finally been released and you can order it over at Amazon.


There is also another way to get a copy if you are patient unlike myself. The author is giving away ten signed copies of The Capo’s Mistress in a drawing as well as a note from the author on September 30th, 2007. Just head on over and sign up at the website. Or you could be impatient like I am with new books and order yourself a copy and sign up to win the signed copy as well. I’m not sure what is is but I have a thing for first editions and signed copies of hardcover books.

There are also some other links at the site that may be of interest such as one page that has dates, times and locations of upcoming book signings. Right now there is only one listed, but as they become available more dates will be added. You can read a bit about Richard Harris there as well in his biography.

If you listened to the audio book earlier in the year or read the three chapters that are online at The Capo’s Mistress web site leave a comment letting me know what you thought about it and whether or not you are going to order the book.

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