Are You Superbad?

Sony Pictures is releasing the new movie Superbad on August 17th. From the minds of the creators behind the 40 Year Old Virgin and Talladega Nights comes Superbad, a tale about coming of age…I can relate to the dorky guys in the movie. That was me and my friends all over.


Sony even has a widget you can post on your social networking site or blog. Check this thing out. You can embed it in the sidebar of your site, or even put it in a post (obviously) like this one.

Sort of cool actually. I already have a ton of stuff in my sidebar, but I may stick it in there at least until the movie comes out.

The premise of the movie is about three guys coming of age and having to go off to college failures with women. They have one night to rectify the situation and are going to do their best. Judging from some of the clips I have seen it looks pretty hilarious. Age verification is required for some of the clips that aren’t suitable for children, oh by the way. You can also watch five Superbad videos at Youtube starting today, August 1st. Here is one of them. LMAO.

There are also free wallpapers and other downloadables such as ringtones and buddy icons at Are You Superbad? if you are interested in pimping out your phone or PC with Superbad stuff before everyone else does. You can also add these guys to your friends at Myspace. Here is Evan’s Myspace profile. Go check him and the other guys out and add them as friends or you can go over to the Facebook group and join as well. There is enough stuff out about this movie to keep you busy for quite some time to come, so get to it.

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  1. Each of the audio files is produced automatically by a short while after I write the post. How is it displaying because I am just using a little java-script for that and unfortunately the page has to completely load before it will display properly. Should just be a small play button and then the link to the mp3 file at odiogo, but like I said the entire page has to load before it will show up. If one of the sidebar widgets or youtube videos is taking awhile to transfer the data sometimes it doesn’t show up at all. I’ve been looking for a more elegant solution, but so far that’s what I have been using.

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