That Nasty Old Nap Monster Strikes Again…

The meeting went fairly well this morning I thought. The guy didn’t quit although he looked like he wanted to punch me in the face. Oh well, shit happens. Maybe he will start getting everything done now and make us both some money. That would be the ideal situation. Otherwise someone else can take his place.

With staying up late and getting up pretty early I lay down to take a nap when the wife and older daughter left the house this morning and had planned to sleep for about an hour. They woke me up when they came in three hours later. I really had not planned on sleeping that long. I did get up several times because my other daughter was there, but I don’t like leaving her to run around the house that long with minimal supervision. I guess I was pretty beat. The job is getting a little easier but it’s still whipping my ass physically because of the amount of hours I am putting in.

I still have to empty my closet out at some point this evening, maybe right after dinner. I also want to cut the grass, although it seemed like the wife wanted to handle that herself.

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