Weekend Open-Trackback Post for August 4-5th

I don’t have much of anything intelligent to post this morning (that’s a change, huh?). I spent most of the morning surfing sites I haven’t been to before and answering some emails and am still just sort of dragging around, so this is my generic weekend open track-back post.

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  1. The Senate Ethics Bill: Transparency Becomes Obscurity

    Senator Tom Coburn(R-OK) exposes the ethics bill passed by the Senate the sham that is really is. Many of the provisions that were in the original bill were stripped by the Democrats in secret session.
    From Coburn’s website :
    “This bill is …

  2. The War Against Terrorism-It’s About Winning – Not About Defeat

    Democrats never seem to get it. What if the terrorist was an American, as is the case with John Walker Lindh? Are the Democrats suggesting that because one is born in the United States, one will not be a terrorist? We know that this is not always th…

  3. Muslims Protest Jihad, The Musical

    Follow up to this post. Too bad the Muslims aren’t protesting real jihad.International terrorism and the threat to Britain from Al-Qaeda would probably be deemed by most as unlikely subject matter for a musical. After all, suicide bombing, mass bloodshed

  4. Percy Pringle & Eric Embry Tear Down The WCCW Banner – 1989

    Being a long-time professional wrestling fan, I frequent Percy Pringle III’s blog often and enjoy his stories. Today’s post over there deals with what Mr. Pringle calls “one of the most emotional nights of my career.” He has the video above ove…

  5. From Iraq: Electricity, Water Systems Near Collapse

    Iraq: Electricity, Water Systems Near Collapse, from John E. Carey at Peace and Freedom and Peace and Freedom II BAGHDAD (AP) – Iraq’s electricity grid could collapse any day because of insurgent sabotage, rising demand, fuel shortages and provincial o…

  6. Marines Want to Shed Some Body Armor

    Some of our Marines would like to shed some of their PPE (personal protective equipment).
    Lt. Col. Kelly Alexander, the commanding officer of Task Force Highlander, part of Regimental Combat Team-2, which operates in western Anbar province has cal…

  7. There is Renewed Hope in the Case of Missing Child

    There’s been a resurgence of interest in the case of Madeleine McCann following a possible sighting of her by a child psychologist in a restaurant in Tongeren, Belgium on the Dutch border.

  8. Better Living Though Bathroom Etiquette

    This makes a great point through humorous means. A big tip o’ the cap to Michelle Malkin for the heads up about this. Also major kudos to Mary Katharine Ham for the video itself.

  9. Democrats destroy democracy; Republicans storm out

    Oh my. Yesterday we learned that at around 11pm (the day before), there was a vote taken for an agriculture bill. Why is our government in the business of agriculture? That’s a whole different story, but I do not like it either. Our government isn’t …