Mutual Fund Managers has much needed information for those of us that like to invest in mutual funds. More than 50% of common stock in the U.S. is currently owned by pension funds and mutual funds. With the exception to the privately held stock I have in my company all of my investments in the stock market are through mutual funds, as is some of my wife’s retirement funds. They also account for over 80% of all of the daily trading activity on the stock market as well.

One way to research stocks and see which funds and managers are buying what is to go through each mutual fund’s periodic SEC filings, to see what was added since the last filing but that is fairly time and labor intensive. There is a much easier way. does all of the work for you and posts the results on the Internet for the investment community to peruse.


Here is a screen shot of the main web page at to give you an idea of the information that is to be found there. If you are interested in making better decisions about your investments and want to learn more, go check out