I should have been up about 45 minutes ago. Damn I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. I stayed up too late working last night. Can’t do that too often anymore because it is starting to kick my ass. I have two more days until I get a couple of days off and boy am I going to enjoy them this week.

Summer vacation is almost over for the girls. The wife is back to work today and the girls start school on Thursday. RePete starts pre-k this year. I just seems so amazing to me that she is old enough to be starting elementary school. No more amazing than having a son in the Marine Corp though. I don’t feel old enough to have a son that’s an adult and I damn sure don’t act like it most days.

I think I will sit down and write him this afternoon. I am awful about writing letters no matter who they are too. It’s just not something that I am very good at but I know he will appreciate it.

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  1. you lucky thing! i have 3 and a half week to go. after that i´ll move to ireland for 8 months. i hope this can be considered a kind of holiday…
    what´s the marine corp like?
    is it like GSG9 or KSK in germany? are there any pictures on the web that show your son or some marine corp action?

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