Naked Man Tasered…

I came across this story courtesy of Fark. Apparently this guy in Spokane decided to run around his back yard naked waving his pistol around (his weapon, not his gun) and the Sheriff’s deputies tasered his crazy ass. What’s this country coming to when you can’t run around naked with guns in your own back yard? That ruins my plans for tomorrow.

Lt. Earl Howerton says when deputies arrived about 5:10 p.m., Raymond S. Wheatly was “definitely acting weird” and probably high or intoxicated. Howerton says the 39-year-old Wheatley was in his backyard still holding one gun.

Howerton says within eight minutes, the deputies persuaded Wheatly to drop the weapon, then they shocked him with a Taser. Howerton says Wheatly stood up and fought back as deputies tackled him.

Yuh think?