I Just Thought It Was Hot Yesterday

Today was a pretty easy day at work. All of my managers were in, so I spent a little while at each store, did the banking for a couple of them, checked some tickets for pricing and them went to Wal-Mart to get something for supper tonight. Like I said, easy day.

The ride home wasn’t quite as nice. It’s hot as blazes out there. Somewhere between 100 and 105 and humid as hell. I pulled my little fan out of the Dodge Van that plugs into the lighter socket, but all it does is blow hot air on me. At least it was moving it around I guess. I was pouring sweat by the time I got inside.

The wife and girls still aren’t home yet, so I figured that would give me time to get a little posting finished. She should be leaving at some point shortly to get the girls. No cooking tonight. It’s going to have to be sandwich night or something.

One other purchase I made while I was there was this nifty little remote controlled dragonfly. It’s cool. The girls will love it, right up until they destroy it. I will try to get some pictures up tonight.