Modern Skate & Surf

Modern Skate & Surf is an action sports store and skate park that has four stores in the Michigan area in Lansing, Royal Oak, Grand Rapids and Novi. They also have an online store that carries just about any type of action sport gear that you can think of, including skateboarding, surfing, snow sports, water sports, ice and roller skating as well as clothes and accessories.


It’s been awhile since I did any skateboarding and amazingly enough it’s one of the things that my son never really got into. When I was younger I hung out with a few skate punks that would die to have really nice equipment like Skate & Surf carries. They have the complete line of decks and accessories for Element Skateboards as well as Zero Skateboards too.

Of course when I was younger you were much more limited to the different brands and skateboarding was not nearly as widely accepted as a sport as it is now. Even the wife will sit down and watch some of the skateboarding exhibitions that come on the sports channels now.