Jack McClellan arrested near UCLA child care center

CNN entitled their story Blogger’ arrested near UCLA child care center but I think more focus needs to be put on the fact that he is such a scumbag rather than the fact that he is a blogger. McClellan has a restraining order against him which forbids him loitering or congregating within 30 feet of minors but he was caught near a university child care center with his camera.

I’ve posted about McClellan once or twice and he (along with all of the other scumbag pedophiles) is why I joined the Vigilante Justice Blogroll. If you are interested in the blogroll, scroll down the mile long sidebar or go over to Texas Fred’s place. He has blogged extensively on McLellan and his antics.

I hope the scumbag doesn’t make bail. He is unemployed anyway, maybe he will get to spend some quality time with old Bubba in the jail cell. Those guys just love pedophiles 🙂

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  1. Jack was not just arrested once this week, but twice. He was ordered held on $150,000 bail and a pretrial hearing was set for Aug. 28.

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