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A good blogger friend of mine is going to be spending some time in Europe this fall. I am very envious of him. I will eventually get the chance to spend time overseas but until then I can keep writing about it and dreaming.

One of the places I would like to go is the Netherlands. Amsterdam is a beautiful city and the people I have met that call Amsterdam home are extremely nice and polite. I was looking at the Amsterdam Hotel Guide and came across a place called the Holly Hotel Carlton. Just looking at the picture makes me want to visit. In addition to Amsterdam one of the European Cities that I want to visit is London. The pictures in the London Hotel Guide just cannot do it justice.


That’s the Tower Bridge, in London. One of the things things that are so different in the U.S. as opposed to most European countries is that they are steeped in centuries of history and it shows in the architecture as well as the stories.

All in all I wouldn’t mind having a couple of months free time to just wander around Europe and site see. Once the kids are gone perhaps the wife and I will really get a chance to grab a Europe Hotels Guide and just hit the road for a few months.

Aside from Amsterdam and London I would eventually like to see Paris, parts of Bavaria, Ireland, and would really like to visit Russia/

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