Not getting much done here…

I had to go out this morning and take care of a few things before I really got started at the house. I drove into town and mailed a care package to my nephew in Iraq. Just some stuff, candy, DVDs, Vodka Mouthwash; you know, useful stuff that they don’t get a lot of. Dealing with the Postal Service is always fun. Had to fill out some paperwork for customs. I made sure to send it priority so that if it can’t get delivered it will come back here instead.

After that I dropped a bunch of paperwork off to a friend of mine who is also a district manager and will be at our weekly meeting today. She was in the same boat that I currently am. A crappy manager, except that her’s finally quit so she is running the store as well as the rest of her district. I also dropped by the Elementary School since my daughter had forgotten her lunch today.

Had to make a run to Wal-Mart after that and pick up some lunch stuff for the kids and a scratching post for the other kids and then get a bite to eat at a fast food joint. Nothing beats a couple of good hot burgers and onion rings, washed down with a Dr Pepper.

I was going to work in the yard for awhile when I got home but after three hours of riding around in the car with no fricking air I am done for the day. I still need to straighten the house as well but I have lost any energy I had and all I really want to do right now is take a nap.