I Hate People…

What is it about people?

I spent about five hours at work today, in a couple of my stores. Since I am working seven days this week I decided to cut this one short but while I was there I went through my waters and waitresses tickets for the last few shifts. Pretty much what I expected. Most of them know their prices or at least take the time to look them up if they don’t know them, but a few of them don’t have a fucking clue. Either their prices are just wrong, which accounts for about 50% of them, or they aren’t writing the tickets correctly and actually have the right prices but I marked them wrong anyway because there is only one way to do things in my organization and those took up the other half of the tickets.

One of my managers called me with his staffing a little while ago (they have to call me at 9pm with sales and staffing every day at the three shift changes) and said that two of the waitresses were angry about me hanging up their mistakes on the wall in the back room. Oh yes, I create a wall of shame for the worst offenders. Normally a couple of days of everyone looking at the tickets corrects them pretty quickly. Anyway, they were mad and said they know their prices and I’m just reading the tickets wrong.

bwahaha. I told him that either their prices are wrong or their tickets are wrong but either way they need to fucking fix the problem. I tend to believe that they don’t know their prices OR how to write tickets otherwise I would have more money going into the cash register based on the amount of food they are using, but that’s a whole different deal there.

Maybe it’s just me but I tend to feel like no matter what you are doing, whether it be designing the tallest building in the world or pouring fucking coffee that you should take a little pride in yourself and do the best job possible and not have to blame everyone else for your mistakes, but since that is what their manager does 99% of the time I can see where they might get that. I don’t tolerate that crap.

I left him a list of stuff to get done this morning before I headed off to my other store, most of the things on it were on the last three lists I have left him. All he had was excuses for why he couldn’t get it done and it invariably was somebody else’s fault or he just did not have enough time. Bear in mind this is the slowest store I have. I wanted to punch the fucker so bad it was all I could do to get out of the store. I am swiftly losing patience with this dude and it tells in my conversations with him now. I just can’t help it. Sooner or later “why don’t you get the lead out of your ass” is going to tumble out of my mouth and I will be jobless.

I know I wasn’t going to post about work much anymore, so I just broke rule number 1.

I think it’s time to surf for awhile, got a blog review to write that I have been avoiding all evening…Perhaps tomorrow.