I’m Not Really Here Now, But…

I’ve spent most of the morning working on site templates. No changes here, just tweaking of a few sites and adding in Google sitemaps. I recently started a blog strictly for HTPC enthusiasts and had to add the sitemaps to Google. No real content there, I’ll link to it later on.

Hopefully today won’t be too terribly long. Unfortunately since a couple of my managers aren’t doing everything that they should be I am going to be stuck in a meeting this afternoon for at least an hour after the day shift. I am going to try and wheedle my way out of it though. It’s mainly for the folks that aren’t doing everything that they need to. Neither of these guys are too happy about having to go but there is a solution for that too.

As we are winding down the summer it’s starting to slow down a bit and that will give me a couple of months to work on getting these people trained and getting staffed for the holiday season. Not only that but there are a couple of things going on the next two months that I am looking forward to such as going to the boy’s graduation ceremony next month as well as the blogmeet in Helen in October.

By now I am at work, I have to leave the house at 6:15 or so, but wanted to get a couple of posts up and scheduled before I left the house. Cross your fingers that I will get home at a decent time.