No Seperation of Church and State When It Comes To Muslims For the ACLU

That’s usually the last thing you’ll hear before one of my redneck buddies does something extremely stupid but this is something to check out if you are concerned about the double standards of the ACLU when it comes to seperation of church and state. As far as the ACLU is concerned it only counts where Christians are concerned. If you are Muslim, it’s business as usual.

My personal opinion is that I am all for the separation of church and state. I believe in neither Islam nor Christianity so the point is pretty much moot to me. I don’t force my beliefs (or lack thereof) on other people and I respect their faith but also expect them to keep it out of my face. I occasionally go to church for weddings, etc… and encourage my daughter to keep going with her friends if only for the great social and moral implications.

Anyway, the Detroit chapter of the ACLU is trying to step away from the matter that the University of Michigan has recently spent $25000 to retrofit school bathrooms with footbaths to accomadate Muslims who must perform ritual washing as a part of their daily religious observance because they say that everyone can use the footbaths. Heck, exactly what I have been waiting for in the local Wal-Mart…not.

Stop the ACLU has a great post up about this story, go over and read the rest if you get the chance.

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