Blowing Wind…

I got home around Four this afternoon. It was so hot outside and in that damn car again that I though I was going to pass out or something. I had to drive from Carrollton, which about fifteen miles south of here and with no air it was pretty darn hot. I went ahead and straightened up the living room a bit and vacuumed downstairs as I knew once I sat down I was done for. Apparently more than I though. I lay down for a couple of minutes and they were just able to wake me up a few minutes ago although apparently they had been trying for awhile.

I walked outside and off in the distance it is thundering and lightning pretty heavily. The temperature has dropped at least 25 degrees outside. It’s amazing how much change the wind can blow in just a short time.

Unfortunately I have to go back to work in a bit less than an hour. I was hoping to be completely finished at the store I was at today but with the meeting being at One I had to run to another store to put out some fires.

Damn, just got off the phone with one of my managers and my third shift cook is trying to call in on me for tonight. That’s gonna cut things short for me online tonight. If I don’t end up working the shift I may be back on later.