Current Desktop

Here is the desktop I am currently using.


I’m running DesktopX beta. Right now I am not running any widgets, but probably will load some later. I also use DX to set my desktop work area so that it reserves 80px at the top and 32px on the right for my task bar and system tray.


I am also using Objectdock Plus for my three docks. The one at the top is my task bar and shows the currently running programs, the one at the right is just a system tray and the one on the bottom (shown in the first screenshot) are my shortcuts; start menu, my computer, documents, music, pictures, internet, recycle bin, a clock, current weather, Google search and email.

I like all of the widgets and other stuff that I sometimes run but mostly I like a clean empty desktop and this seems to be what I fall back on.

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