Fidel Castro Dead (again)?

After the Cuban dictator’s 81st birthday on August 13th it was reported that his health has taken a turn for the worse and the Fidel Deathwatch is on again. Woo hoo! Perhaps this time it will turn out to be a bit more than rumors. There haven’t been any conifmations of it, but apparently denials are already coming out about his death, so who know?

Supposedly South Florida Police departments are calling in for reinforcements before any official announcement is made.

Even Val Prieto made an announcement earlier. and then came back on saying that nothing is official yet.

Update 5:35 PM EST – Val at Babalu Blog is reporting that although no announcements have been made several sources in different branches of the government are verifying that the story is true. As soon as I get confirmation (TV,Email,CNN) I will post it (if I am not too drunk)

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  9. Haloscan is aweful! I’ve tried and tried to backtrack to you, but I guess I’ll have to do it this way.
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  14. The trackback is showing up in the list though. I have MT set to autodiscover track-backs so even when Haloscan throws up errors it will usually find them within 24 hours or so as it did in this case.

  15. Cool! I had your tb on my post so I could back later, like haloscan said. Do you know that you don’t accept Typepad or typekey? I am registered with (I think) typekey.
    Thank you for letting me know so I don’t have to go nuts. I feel terrible when I cannot tb to someone. Have a great evening! 🙂

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