I think I am starting to really like the way that I have the twitters set up as one-liners in between the entries. With the Google News is really was a bit much but a lot of times even when I am at home I get a fleeting thought and it really isn’t something I want to waste the time to write an entire blog post about (although that has never stopped me before) but I do want to get it down and share it.

The wife and oldest daughter have dentists appointments today. I know how much fun that is. I haven’t had to worry about it in years since I have dentures. I have been seriously considering getting implants though, but I am not sure how much my insurance carrier will cover and the thought of someone jamming metal sticks into my gums and jawbone also lends a flavor of serious fear and loathing to the entire prospect. I’m not sure that is an ordeal that I really want to go to.

Obviously I managed to get today off as well since I am here writing. No scheduled posts, that’s the rest of the week. I haven’t had two days off in a row in four weeks and was getting pretty damned stressed out about stuff so I need the break. After today I have to go until Saturday the 8th before I get a day off, then I work four more days until my vacation. As I mentioned in the last post I just reserved a car, actually a mini-van for the trip. Since the boy and his gear will be coming home with us we needed to make sure we had plenty of room for him to stretch out. I’m not sure if he will want to spend the trip home eating or sleeping. Probably a combination of both.