Thursday Thongs

Here is this week’s photo. I found this while searching for a picture for the tramp stamp tuesday post but thought it would fit much better today…


4 throughts on "Thursday Thongs"

  1. I applaud your dedication and commitment to bringing such important information to your readers. Thank you, Richard. You’re a fine citizen-journalist.

  2. Is Jason really guilty or is he already convicted in the press. As I have heard there is no evidence against Jason except his ex wife that wants custody of her seven year old son and will stop at nothing to get custody of her son. Jason is not that type of person and the whole truth will come out when the DA either drops the charges or Jason is exonerated in court.

  3. If he does drop the charges or the guy is found not guilty, let me know. A lot of times the press doesn’t report that stuff or it just doesn’t show up in my alerts. I like to try and keep this stuff accurate and if Jason is innocent I want to make sure the post shows that or delete it completely so that search engines won’t bring folks here.

  4. It will be a little late by then to fix it don’t you think? You have already managed to ruin a person’s life in the press. He will never work again or never have a life again after this publicity. How can you live with yourself? Ruining peoples lives, trying them in the media BEFORE the facts even come out. You suck.

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