iBackup Online Storage

iBackup Online Storage allows consumers and business alike to backup and store their valuable data efficiantly and quickly and keeps it secure and free from worry. No more worrying about when the last backup is that you did for your valuable payroll or accounts payable data or trying to find the last tape or DVD that you stored something important.

With convenient integration with your Windows PC mapped drives appear in explorer and it’s easy to drag and drop files that you want to back up online. It’s not just for Windows however, iBackup offers a full range of off site backups for SQL Server, Oracle, Linux and MS Exchange. iBackup also guarantees superior performance which is up to 20% faster than other competitors according to internal testing.

According to PCMag, iBackup is their favorite among all of the online storage solutions available. The same holds true for PC World, WebUser, PC Pro Labs and CPU (Computer Power User). With so many professional users holding the service in such high esteem they have to have something going for them.

One of the really nice features, whether you run a small or large office is that you can set up accounts for collaborative sharing among co-workers, thus backing up all data in large or small projects.