Another weekend has come to a close. For me it means heading into the slow part of the week and a chance to get some cleaning done at work and catch up my paperwork. I am sort of winding down a bit. Although I was off this past Friday, since I have only had one day off the last two weeks straight I think I am going to try and take Wednesday and Thursday off if I can get the store covered. After that I don’t have myself scheduled off until September 9th so i could use a couple of days off in a row. Besides, I really need to get the area for the second pond finished and one day has just not been enough rest lately. I am exhausted.

One thing I do need to try and get done on my off day is to see if I have an extra hard drive in the basement. I believe one of mine is getting ready to crap out and I need to ghost everything over onto a new one before losing all of my data.. That would not be a good thing.

I have to go ahead and start getting ready for work this morning but just wanted to write for a few minutes before I go in. Unfortunately there is no chance of an early day as we have a meeting this afternoon and with me running the thing it would be slightly difficult to get out of.

No letters from the boy today but hopefully today or tomorrow…