It Could Be Worse…

The weather is amazing sometimes. All three of my restaurants are within 12 miles of the house. Today I worked at the one that is farthest away and when I finally finished with my paperwork this evening or at least the stuff that I didn’t put off until tomorrow, it was pouring the proverbial cats and dogs. The wind was blowing so hard that the rain was coming down sideway, thunder was crashing and the lightning just kept on doing it’s thing.

I waited awhile for the storm to abate before driving home and when I did, rather than going the back way up Hwy 78 like I normally do I went the expressway. About halfway home there was an accident off to the side that looked like it had involved a tractor trailer and at least one car. Several fire trucks were there as well as an ambulance and police.

By the time I was within two miles of the house everything was bone dry. Not a drop had fallen on my poor dying vegetables today. If the sky was going to open up the least it could have done is dumped a bit of moisture at my place.

Work itself was kind of a drag today. it certainly wasn’t my worst day but it wasn’t my best either. Speaking of my worst day there are several to choose from.

The first year I was working for the company I actually waited tables most of the time. It was eight or nine months before I ever started cooking. Basically the manager had fired his night shift cook and I decided that I was tired of dealing with assholes and told him I wanted the job. He gives me this training manual and say “OK, you are the cook, read that and be here to cook the shift tomorrow night”. It was interesting at first because I had to train myself. I think I did a damn good job of it.

Anyway, I had been cooking for a couple of weeks and Halloween rolled around. Being the Heavy Metal babe magnet that I am (or thought I was 20 years ago) I along with my girlfriend at the time (she worked with me as well) decided to dress up for Halloween even though we had to work that night. In my infinite wisdom (that all 20 year olds have) I dressed up as Alice Cooper, heavy duty make-up and all. Damn, I kicked ass. That costume looked great. Unfortunately for me it is extremely hot cooking in a restaurant for some reason and it was busy that night. It didn’t take long before all of that makeup started rolling down my face, along with the rest of my body. It was nasty, and I spent several hours in the weeds just trying to keep up. It certainly wasn’t my worst day ever either but it’s damn sure one of the funniest I can remember.

So what was your worst day at work?