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Found this fresh pic just this morning.


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  1. “Parents always take care of their kids”?
    What the fuck kind of kool-aid have you been drinking? Why don’t you just get online and read the news before you spout fucking bullshit like this. You only have to have the television news on for about five minutes before you hear about some inbred retard killing his kid because the dumped over his stash of pot, or broke the xbox or some such claptrap.

  2. Listen, I really wish it was just a rumor. But I attended the funeral of that little girl, and for the record, her name was Savannah Rose Pioch. Scott Bruce was her stepfather, and in a rage, both he and his wife tied her up, beat her to death and stuffed her in a sleeping bag for three days so they could get their story straight. This is one of those brutally shocking events that should wake the world up. Savannah was the sweetest little girl that I ever had the pleasure of meeting and now that she’s gone, no words of wisdom nor comfort can take away from the fact that no child should suffer a horrific experience like that. So I realize that not everyone had the pleasure of seeing her smile or hearing her laugh, but they should at least garner the wisdom to realize that things like this do happen and that it is very real.

  3. Damn, that’s harsh. I’m really sorry to hear that and while her mother and stepfather don’t get my condolences you and anyone else that knew the girl certainly do.

  4. Thanks for stopping by as well. I updated the entry. I had inadvertently thought her last name was Bruce as well, never having taken the time to figure anything out. Guess I got too busy for myself. My condolences to Savannah’s father and parents as well.

  5. Richard-
    I understand you are trying to report the latest on what has happened, but what I don’t appreciate is how you are allowing the rumors to be spread even further. You respond to people’s comments as if all of what they wrote is true. As you said- this is the internet and you can’t always believe what is read on here. I think you and all who commented should take that into consideration. She was not left for days “so the mother and stepfather could get the story straight”- she was heard on the phone just a day before this happened. And no she was not stuffed into a sleeping bag. The mother is just as much of a victim as are other women and children who suffer through violent abuse. The real finger should be pointed at the other people involved in this case. Richard… if you want something to report then start looking up Savannah’s biological father, Scott Bruce’s past records and more importantly- find out the real facts of this case before any more rumors start to fly.
    And as for the one who wrote about attending the funeral: guess what? I was there to. If you had enough respect to be there and send our little angel off to heaven then at least have the respect not to lie and spread false statements. You wrote that you “wish it was just a rumor”, well it is. As I said before she was not left for days and stuffed into a sleeping bag. We have overwhelming facts that prove that it did not happen like that. The real evidence proves that Scott is a monster. Enough said.
    -A loving family member

  6. According to the La Porte County Coroner the autopsy showed that Savannah had been beaten in the head, tied up, stuffed into a sleeping bag and left alone. It may very well be that she wasn’t left for days, that I can’t confirm, but it has been confirmed that the rest is true.
    I’m sure that Melissa Bruce is somewhat of a victim. I understand battered wife syndrome and all that but she made the choice to stay.

  7. That is not the actual coroners report. It was assumed by the coroner at first, but she was not found that way. It was assumed due to Scott’s unstable story about what happened when he was questioned. The actual findings are not released to anyone other than the attorneys and the families involved so I will tell you that she was not stuffed into a sleeping bag and tied up. Again, it is a false assumption due to the reports of Scott’s unstable story.
    And if you understand battered woman syndrome, then you will understand that she couldn’t leave. It is a hard thing for us to understand because we have not been through it, but I have seen enough victims of abuse to believe the seriousness of this traumatic syndrome. Yes, it would seem that it would have been so easy to pack up and leave, but what if she felt she had no where to go? And what if this monster wouldn’t let her leave? What if, since he didn’t work, he stayed home all day everyday while threatening her and monitoring her every move- her every phone call? Look into those facts…

  8. I call bullshit on battered wife syndrome. It seems to me that it tends to crop up when someone helps her degenerate boyfriend kill their kid but not so often anywhere else.
    Look, I know it’s hard to get away from an abusive spouse, I know the fear and the very real danger these women are in. But She’s an ADULT, her daughter a child. She’s the MOTHER, her kids should come first.
    She met a man on the internet in a time when EVERYONE knows that’s retarded. She let some douche she wanted to have sex with near her children, and she let him STARVE her children. You can sympathize with her all you want but she’s Hell-bound my friend as is anyone who allows a child to be abused.
    “And what if this monster wouldn’t let her leave? What if, since he didn’t work, he stayed home all day everyday while threatening her and monitoring her every move- her every phone call? Look into those facts…”
    Then when he was sleep she should have dumped draino on his face. Then I’d buy the battered wife syndrome.

  9. I cannot sympathize with a woman whom cheated on her husband with a douchebag she met on the internet and then ripped her children away from their loving father to live with this man whom she knew nothing about. Melissa Bruce has always been nothing more than a compulsive liar. The coroners reports are very conclusive. There is no denying that. Your trying to make that woman seem a victim when she should have seen the signs and left her Scott to go back to her parents or others whom cared for her and her children. Please do not say that Melissa had no choices, she just didnt like her options. Moreover, it seems her emotional ranting and playing herself to be the victim has worked its magic on you, but I can see nothing more than what she is… that is a sad and very poor excuse for a human being. I understand this touches every one of our hearts. I was always taught that there are two types of bad people, those who do the bad acts and those whom standby and do nothing about it.

  10. What ever happened to innocent till proven guilty or is this russia? This guy is a real piece of crap who is a waste of air and food. Melissa had a history of abuse from this so called caring father of Savannah as well. Ive seen her black and blue face swollen around the holidays last year. Bruises on her body as well all at the hands of him as well. Hes no saint either. I know Melissa and know she doesnt have in her what she is being accused of. Remember let the facts come out at trial.

  11. Of course it’s not Russia but it also isn’t a court of law or have any legal connection to law enforcement so innocent until proven guilty does not apply here. What does apply is the adage “quacks like a duck, walks like a duck…must be a duck”. Guilt by association can sometimes be a terrible thing and can be dead wrong but the fact is if you don’t want to be mistaken for a scumbag, don’t hang out with scumbags.

  12. Richard, From what I know she had no choice. She was threatened. I knew her personally and god as my witness I can tell you she is NOT capable of these things. My last post was referring to everyone out here who doesnt have the facts and are being armchair judges. The real perp here is this guy who had a verifiable history of abuse with his own children and exes. Melissa is distraught as any mother would be and only has the truth to set her free. Rumors are bullshit and they hurt everyone involved until proven otherwise. You will all see that Melissa was just as much of a victim as Savannah. Richard look into the history of Savannahs dad please and post it here. He was no saint and beat both the kids and Melissa numerous times. Look into it. Ive seen Melissa’s face and body bruised and purple because of him. The newsmedia isnt reporting this is it? He isnt a victim. He is no better than Scott the only difference is he hasnt killed anyone luckily. I pray he doesnt get custody of Logan because Logan deserves much better. Look into it Richard please. There is enough paperwork and background on this guy. Lifespan has a file on him as well. JKOOL

  13. In fact check into Cook County Illinois Sheriff as well and the Buffalo Grove and Arlington Heights PD where they resided. This story is much deeper and goes back years before this happened.

  14. Do you happen to have a link to the Lifespan stuff?
    It very well may be that he is a real bastard and mistreated Savannah, Logan and their mother but he wasn’t exactly present at their house when Savannah died if he was in Portage. Whether or not he is a wife-beater and child abuser has nothing whatsoever to do with what happened to Savannah except to show that Melissa makes really bad choices on the men that she chooses to shack up with.
    I haven’t yet decided if I want to pay for a criminal background check on David Pioch yet, which the state of Illinois does charge for. I make just enough on the ads to pay for the site and bandwidth, but that’s about it right now and unless I have more to go on that he was involved in her death it doesn’t really make sense for me to do it. If I do happen to come across his criminal record I would certainly post it here because that’s what I do

  15. I agree, post something about David Pioch. This is what I have been saying from the start. I too have seen the results of David’s abuse towards Melissa. JKool- thank you for saying this all better than I could have. Thank you for realizing there is more to this story than reported. I fully agree- the truth will set Melissa free. Let’s let the trial figure this one out because at least people like JKool and I know enough to determine who the real monster is. Please Richard, let our little angel Savannah rest in peace. Report about the others involved before allowing more rumors to be spread about this horrible situation. Instead of continuing the rumors, how about you make something out of this- let’s talk about the ways to help prevent domestic and child abuse. I beg anyone reading this to please check out There is some amazing information and some amazing people who are a part of that beneficial organization. Instead of embarking on this uphill battle on arguing about the facts that some people will never accept- how about we all take a step towards preventing more abuse cases from happening? Through this devastating situation, let’s let Savannah be the one to wake us up and help us save the lives of other children.

  16. I agree. However, with women like Melissa becoming mothers, what protection is there for our children? I suppose an IQ test should be warranted to have children.
    She may be a victim of the situation and I believe that you are being truthful about what you write. If she believed her children to be in danger, she could’ve and damned well should’ve told someone. That is the responsibility you take on when becoming a mother. She ran, not physically like she should have, but mentally.. in drugs; and poor Savannah had to pay the price.

  17. I just have to laugh when people think Melissa was on drugs. It wasn’t known until later, but Scott was the one smoking weed with the neighbors and buying from his own children. Too bad no one knew until later. However, just because Scott was the lazy old pot head, people assume Melissa was too. Not the case. I just have to laugh because she is the exact opposite of that. Don’t believe everything you read and what others assume. Please seperate the facts from the bullshit.

  18. That’s one of the reasons I haven’t mentioned drugs in the story at hand. Like David Pioch and what he may or may not be, it is incidental to what actually happened. It may or may not have lead to some of the problems but normally people are even more laid back when they are smoking pot so I guess it was a good thing that Scott wasn’t on something else…

  19. Like someone had stated that they have personally seen the bruises, I have personally seen Melissa on drugs.

  20. Nice try, but I happen to know that Melissa has never had a drug problem or been on drugs as you assume. Try pointing towards Scott for that one.

  21. Honestly, this back-and-forth debating is pointless. Whenever there are drugs and/or abuse involved in a situation, I would say 10 times out of 10, there is at least some deception going on. No one truly knows who had participated, who was on drugs, who is lying, etc. Friend or foe, you can’t say you know the absolute truth about the lifestyles of David, Scott and Melissa unless they had been documented legally. Melissa and Scott are the only 2 people on this planet that know what really went down that night. Now, whether they decide to be honest with family, friends, police, etc. is soley up to them, but I agree with “this is for our little angel, Savannah” on this one, leave it to the court. I’m sure there will be plenty of lie detectors done to rule out the lies from the truth. I do have one question though:
    “Like someone had stated that they have personally seen the bruises, I have personally seen Melissa on drugs.”
    As confident as you are that you have SEEN Melissa on drugs, are you that confident that David Pioch NEVER laid a hand on Melissa, Logan or Savannah?
    Remember, there are reports on David regarding physical abuse towards Melissa and the kids.

  22. I know for a fact that he did lay on hand on Melissa on one occasion, there is a police report in Cook County that states that. Though, there are no legal reports stating any abuse or neglect towards his children, that is misinformation. And yes, I did personally witness Melissa on drugs. There is no talking me out of that or trying to deny that.

  23. My intent was never to talk you out of believing that you have seen Melissa on drugs. I was simply trying to get you to see that David was/is ,too, an abuser. He may not have been involved in this particular situation but his history shows that there is potential for him doing the very same thing. You may have never heard of him abusing the kids and maybe he never did, but it is absolutely positively not about the target of abuse, it’s about the abuser. We all feel rage and anger at times, it’s what we do with it that makes us different.
    “I cannot sympathize with a woman whom cheated on her husband with a douchebag she met on the internet and then ripped her children away from their ‘loving father’ to live with this man whom she knew nothing about.”
    Please don’t victimize David Pioch as though he was some sort of a saint. You said it yourself, you know for a fact that he laid his hands on Melissa. A man that beats his wife is not far from abusing his children. Bottom line, Logan Pioch is in great need of a life FREE from abuse. I think it’s about time he learns what it means to be TRULY secure.

  24. David is undergoing some anger management classes due to the incident in Cook County. I can tell you first hand that he realizes that it was wrong and does not intend to go down that path again. I’m not saying the man was a saint, but I knew David before he had his children. He would never abuse them. I know of the incident in Cook County and under the circumstances, any person would snap. I know you probably don’t know him the way I do. I’ve probably said from very unwarranted things in this blog, but to see a man evolve from living for himself and being entirely selfish to finding purpose in being a father only to have his children, his purpose stripped from him is truly heartbreaking.

  25. Isn’t it true that all we have read about has been people judging? The press, the neighbors, family, friends, so called friends and people that may or may not have even known the involved. I was not in that apartment the day Savannah’s life was so tragically taken, and I do not believe any of you were there either. We are not their judge or jury and we are certainly not GOD. The courts will have their day, and ultimately in the end we will all have our day with God. I continue to pray for the innocent. I know nothing of that tragic day, but I do have an opinion of the time I spent with Melissa and her children. I do believe she was trying to get away from a life of being abused by Mr.Pioch. I saw the bruises, and if you know anything about abuse, you would know a bruise heals much faster than the emotional scars it leaves behind. It is a very, very, long (if ever) healing process. Everyone can say what they would have done, but honestly, no one knows what they would do until they are walking in those very same shoes. The statistics show that unfortunately, unless a battered woman takes the time and the emotional help to heal, her chances are very high to end up in another abusive relationship.
    To the Aunt: If you also were in an abusive relationship then I pray for you and your children also. But why are you pointing a finger and defending your brother? You have been blessed that this has not happened to you and your children as it very well could have. I hope you give yourself the time and the help you will need to heal and grow strong. Along with that strength and the fact that you have been blessed not to know your own children’s loss from abuse. I hope that somewhere down the road you open up your heart to help another that is being abused. I pray in time you will see clear enough to never accept it in any of your family members. There were family members very much aware of Mr. Pioch’s multiple ABUSES and also his ARRESTS.
    Logan deserves a real chance at a good and happy life. He deserves a life of not being abused, and needs to be taught and shown that it is not acceptable to abuse others. I know there were professional abuse advocates involved with Melissa and her children during this time with Mr. Pioch. I hope they will have an opinion when it comes to Logan’s custody.
    Since the day I found out about this horrible tragedy, I have had a sad, sad, sickened heart. My belief is that Savannah is in a beautiful Heaven with no more tears and no more pain. Heaven holds so many loving people to take care of her there. My worry is for Logan. I pray they will make the right decisions for the custody of Logan, and his future.
    If you care to ask who I am? I am a woman, that by the blessing of the Grace of God, some supportive family members, some cherished friendships, and about 5 years of professional counseling for abuse, that has an opinion. I am stronger, wiser, and have learned to say no more!!! I pray for Savannah, Logan, Melissa and every other woman and child that is right now being abused. The statistics would horrify you.
    But this is not about us, or is it? Could it be that maybe anyone of us could have helped? Maybe there is someone else in your life you can.

  26. Where is all this talk of multiple arrests coming from? Until the incident in Cook County, David Pioch has never been arrested. Once in December for the beating, and the second incident in February for pushing Melissa out of the way, whom was not letting him leave. Why flame the father for this, the abuse was very mutual, and I have stood by and witnessed it on multiple occasions.
    However, though I do not condone child abuse, I believe that this blog is no longer pertaining to that subject. With so many individuals, I also include myself in this, making excuses for people. We have lost track of what really matters.
    I was not present in the house the day that Savannah’s life was taken. Psychologically speaking, Melissa did not have time to heal. In stating this you are very correct. I pray she gets the help she needs. This tragedy affects all individuals present in this forum. We are doing nothing more than redirecting the pain instead of focusing on the healing process.
    I pray that you all find some sense of closure, though I doubt with all the conflict, there will be any in this case. We all loved Savannah and some of us have heard of this particular incident and it touched our hearts and made us have an epiphany.
    The fact of the matter is that I just can’t comprehend how Melissa could not understand the power contained in a singular moment. I cannot believe that she could not take a single moment to cry out. After the divorce, she and David mutually agreed upon just being friends. As such, she had frequent civil conversations with her ex-husband and yet he had no knowledge of this.
    I suppose that we all are appalled that an incident like this can touch us, instead of reading about it happening to someone else in the paper. We are all forced to become involved. However, this is the power of a moment. We can all attack each other and those involved in the situation or we can do something that makes a difference. Now that its touched you, affected you, crept into your nightmares and deepest fears, what will you do?

  27. Read your own words: ONCE IN DECEMBER FOR THE BEATING……, even if that was the truth, you find this acceptable? And yes I had lived for 21 years in your so called EPIPHANY. It seems that although we are different, I hope that we agee that maybe we all can help someone else. I hope and pray that for me, it starts with Logan and his future.

  28. *shakes head* You are not perfect, nor am I. We have all made our share of mistakes. You think that you are better than someone who would beat their wife or spouse. I think that is isn’t beyond anyone. In essence, because you believe that you would NEVER and I believe that i could, i am more wary of anger, and you are not; so you are more dangerous than I am. *chuckles* ironic… isn’t it?

  29. First of all Melissa has NO RIGHT being out. Her ass should be in jail where it belongs. Second of all Melissa and Scott both need to rot in jail, and die, and nether of them don’t deserve a funeral when they do die. They need to be dropped in the bottom of the ocean to rot.
    Savannah was a precious little girl who shouldn’t of been with her mother at all. She should of been with her loving father who actually CARED FOR HER AND LOVED HER! Unlike that poor excuse of a human Melissa.
    RIP Savannah. We Love You and Miss You!

  30. Wow Natasha, we did not know you were there in that apartment that day! You are the judge and the jury! You have taken it upon yourself to be GOD. Bless You! Now you better be carefull because someday you to might make a choice in your life to trust someone or something that could cause a tragedy to your life. No one is excused to regrets honey, believe it or not, not even you. Your life may be good right now, but all it takes is one bad choice to turn that around! Maybe you can take all that energy of yours and help a women or child that is right now being abused.There are plenty of people that could use your energy for the good to help incourage them to get help for abuse and get out of a horrible abusive relationship. Have you ever seen someone you love beaten and black and blue? Melissa’s family did. If you really knew about Mr.Pioch and his abuse, you really would not want that life for Logan. Atleast I hope you would not. Pray for the innocent and pray that God does the right thing for Logan. Unless you really are God that is about all you can do in this case.

  31. Actually for your information I used to get the shit beat out of me by my ex husband and it happened in front of my son. So shut your face.
    As for Melissa I KNEW HER! She was screwed up in the head. The shit she claimed Logan and Savannah’s Dad did was nothing but lies! Melissa was the abuser. Logan deserves to be with his father, which hopefully is soon. And Melissa deserves to rot in jail just like her husband. Melissa did nothing but make up stuff about her life. And when it comes to poor Savannah when the ambulance and cops arrived I quote from one of her neighbors “Melissa wasn’t crying. The only thing she was concerned about was that she didn’t go to jail for child abuse.” That sounds like a guilty mother to me.
    So why don’t you get your facts straight, quit standing up for a WOMAN WHO KILLED HER CHILD! If she supposedly didn’t do it then when Scott went to sleep she could of easily called the cops. No excuse! Specially to let her daughter die in her room, all bounded up, and put in a sleeping bag, and then left there long enough for her to start decomposing.
    So you keep standing up for a child abuser. You’re probably a child abuser yourself. Most child and spouse abuser stick up for eachother.

  32. If you were abused I Pray for you too! I did see with my own eyes Melissa after Mr.Pioch beat her. You have the right to believe what you read and hear from so called people that were not there. My advise to you is to still pray for the innocent. Most people I know that have been abused usually have more compassion and a heart for others that are abused. Maybe someday you will get there. My heart has broke for Savannah also. I am not God and all I can do is ask him to do the right thing. The arrests of Mr. Pioch also show he is an abuser. That is a fact.Again I will ask you, Is this really the best place for Logan? You search your heart for that answer? I take it by your words ” Shut your face” you are still very young and have a long way to go. Hopefully you will stay strong and never let anyone ever abuse you or your children again. Hopefully you will someday use that strenght to help another in need. As for me Miss Natasha I am not an Abuser, I have also been in an abusive relationship and had been involved with Professional abuse advocates for almost 5 years. I really hope you also have received help, or will seek help for yourself.

  33. Oh did you really? I somehow don’t believe that. My stepkids mother talked to Melissa on the phone often. She knows more then anyone how much of a LIAR Melissa was. And between what I knew of Melissa, and I’ve known her for awhile, and what I’m told I go by people I know, not people who hide behind a name that isn’t theirs.
    And like I said before. I hope Logan goes back to his father real soon. It’s where he belongs. If that’s where him and Savannah were in the first place, poor sweet little Savannah would still be alive. Instead of being buried at such a young age.
    You live in your little make believe world, and behind the lies.
    I’ll be thanking god when justice is done and Melissa is rotting behind bars, and Logan is back with his father. The parent who actually cares about him.

  34. Natasha, You might want to consider not being so narrow minded. By the comment you left I can also tell you’re quite young and inexperienced in these matters. As I have wrote above we will let the courts decide. You have no right to cast stones as Im quite sure you are also guilty of many things throughout your life. Only when you too are perfect will we be willing to listen to your accusations against a party whom hasnt even been convicted nor tried as of yet. Lets meet here after the trial is over and see whom is really guilty of this tragedy. I know I will be.

  35. I may be guilty of somethings but I am NOT guilty of abusing my children, and the last I checked both of MY kids are still alive, well, and with me. And if you payed attention to things they BOTH are already guilty of NEGLECT which all 3 charges will put them both in jail for AT LEAST 90 years. So they are already guilty. But I guess you missed that part didn’t ya. And you don’t know how young I am. No matter my age I’ve been through more shit then people realize. And the one thing I dealt with was keeping MY son safe because of my abusive ex husband. Because that’s what a REAL mother does. Whether she helped kill poor sweet little Savannah or not, she’s still GUILTY for letting it happen. She wasn’t a REAL mother. She was a moron who never deserved to have kids. With that said. See you after the trials, and we’ll see if justice is done for sweet little Savannah.

  36. Another thing it seems from your replys that you think Melissa was a good mother. Would a good mother bring so many strange men around her kids? She was always with one guy or another cause she couldn’t handle being by herself. She should of payed more attention. Specially since Scott has a history of charges.

  37. Natasha, You wrote the following and I quote: “And if you payed attention to things they BOTH are already guilty of NEGLECT which all 3 charges will put them both in jail for AT LEAST 90 years. So they are already guilty. But I guess you missed that part didn’t ya”
    Um honey, Melissa isnt guilty of anything yet. Thats what a trial is for. But I guessed you missed that part didnt you? Im guessing you are in your early twenties. Um, not older than 24 yrs old I bet. Please learn about the justice system and its basics before you try to argue with me. I am quite knowledgeable on this subject. 🙂

  38. I’m starting to wonder if you are a family member of Melissa’s. Other wise how would you know so much? Hmmmmm. Justice will be done. And poor sweet little Savannah needs justice. Even if Melissa didn’t and that’s a VERY small didn’t do it she’s just as guilty as Scott. She was there, she helped by not doing anything. Like I said she’s not a real mother. She’s a moron who should of never had kids.

  39. Natasha, Once again you are showing your age. Please stop with the little insults as they dont harm me nor help Savannah. Try growing up and having adult conversation first. For your information I am a friend, a “Real” friend whom cares deeply bout Savannah and Logan. Do you know what its like to be a real friend Natasha? I have posted for the last time as I think Ive made you out to be what you are and that is unknowledgeable about the very thing you talk about on here. Please for the sake of everyone involved learn about the system first then post.

  40. If you were a real friend Truth Detector you would have helped the mother and child before this tragedy. You would have stopped the dangerous behavior. You would be more concerned with the child then the people who let the child down.
    You’re not a friend, you’re an enabler. Another douche who winked and nodded while Melissa drank, drugged and dated “bad boys” instead of feeding her children. Or are the neighbors lying too?
    Come to think of it, you’re as responsible for this as the rest. If you were such a good friend why didn’t you feed those kids?

  41. I just want to give my full blessings to people like Truth Detector and RIP Savannah, Pray for Logan. It warms my heart to know there are people left in this world with a heart and with a functioning brain.
    This battle between Natasha and Truth Detector and RIP Savannah, Pray for Logan just shows the huge line between actually being educated and being ignorant.
    Natasha- if you went through the abuse yourself, then you would understand the emotional and traumatic issues you are left with. You would understand the weakness one feels and the horror one faces on an everyday basis. I’m not doubting the fact that you love your children because Melissa loves hers as well, but you would- at the very least- understand the terror one faces when trying to protect their very own life from a man they once thought they could trust. You would understand the horror of having to protect your children from a man they call their father. You- of all people- should understand the emotional and mental state of someone who has gone through that. It takes time to heal. It takes a lot of help and support to finally be stable again. You should know, yet you speak as if you don’t know. I also feel that you might be too young to understand the full truth of this and I’m sorry that you somehow feel like you do understand it. Stop accusing and take a look at what you say you went through. Stop calling good people some really horrible names when you have no idea what the truth is. Let our angel rest in peace and send your love and support for her brother. Do the right thing instead of putting more lies into this situation.

  42. Rob-
    It is hard to stop behavior you do not know is occuring. It is hard when you do not know what to look for. As I recall, you are the same that wrote, “I call bullshit on battered wife syndrome.” If you call bullshit on it, then why are you on here? You obviously do not understand it- therefore you have no right in commenting on something like this. How are you calling someone an enabler when you don’t know enough about this to begin with? Go ahead and continue calling bullshit on battered woman syndrome. If you come into contact with people on a daily basis… chances are you have come into contact with someone who is either suffering from abuse or a survivor to it. But go ahead… continue calling bullshit on this when you don’t have enough sense to try and find out more about it before you decide whether or not to call bullshit on it.

  43. “If you call bullshit on it, then why are you on here? You obviously do not understand it- therefore you have no right in commenting on something like this. How are you calling someone an enabler when you don’t know enough about this to begin with”
    Really? So if I disagree with you I have no right to voice my opinion? What are you a Communist?
    I’m 10 years sober, I’ve seen this show before. I’ve helped other people in addiction recovery and I have seen dozens of Melissas.
    By the gods all the children were being abused, they were all removed. Battered wife syndrome is used to defend women who kill abusers, now you people want to use it to excuse a woman who allowed someone to kill her child to get off scot free.
    Do you guys think it ISN”T the responsibility of a parent to protect their child, to lay down their life if necessary to keep their child alive? You people claim to be friends with these degenerates, so why wouldn’t you warn Melissa to not date a violent criminal if you cared?
    Because you don’t and everyone who stood back and watched this unfold are morally responsible for the girls death. And to defend them, after she allowed her dead daughter to be stuffed in a sleeping bag? ReallY?

  44. Im back for you Mr. Rob Taylor although I doubt thats your real name since your getting mouthy. Let me explain something to you Mr. Taylor. Another young and immature boy whom likes to use played out insulting names from the 80’s. Douche? Ill bet thats something you heard and couldnt even describe it could you? You just thought it sounded cool huh? I DID feed those kids sir! This talk of drugs is complete fabrication and you know it! She didnt do drugs and she rarely drank. Do us all a favor sir (because its obvious your a member of the dads or the scumbag scotts family) and go back off your crack horse of 10 years and kill a few more braincells. It might do you some good.

  45. Mr Rob, Some close minded people call it having bad behaviors and making wrong choices and hiding behind the word “Addiction” I personally do not feel that way. I commend you 10yrs sober. You should be very proud of yourself. I do believe in getting there you would have had to believed in a higher power than yourself. I am sure people judged you along the way. Think back on how that felt to you. There truly is battered wife syndrome. I am sure many of us that we call surviors wish it was so simple as taking out the husband. Take some time and read about it. It spreads much farther just as does any addition. It not only effects the husband,wife, children, family,friends, and sometimes even the law. Just as once an addict always an addict. It will take all your life to heal from your addition and fight those demons everyday. I do not get your comments of I have seen dozens of Melissa’s. On the streets there are Millions of Rob’s. You are on the healing path,so don’t you beleive that maybe those dozens of Melissa’s have that right to heal,feel,and live also? I will pray that you take that faith, that higher power that got you to where you are today and let that higher power take care of Savannah, Logan, and Melissa. I have. None of us were in that apartment that tragic day. For the last time I will say we are not her judge or jury. We are certainly not GOD. Would you really want that weight of playing God. I certainly would not. I am sure that along your path in healing there were probably many people that you hurt that you would not want to be your GOD. We will all meet our maker in the end and we will all have to answer to the choices we have made. I can not stomach this website any longer so I will not return to it. I will pray for you and your additions, I will pray for Natasha and her abuse, I will even pray for the people that claim they know it all, and have the right to condem. I just hope just some of my words could have given just one of you a chance to open up your hearts and minds and relize that we are all only human and we are not GOD. I do believe prayer is powerfull and this is the only thing we can do to help Savannah, Logan, Melissa or in the big picture, ANY OF US.

  46. Oh so I’m guessing it doesn’t make me an adult cause I don’t stand up for someone who watched their daughter die? Hmmmmmm yes I guess that doesn’t make me an adult. Sorry if it insults you cause someone is speaking against that poor excuse of a Mother. She’s no older then I am, and she is and was way more immature then I was. Cheating on her husband, leaving her kids at all hours of the night to meet up with guys. Hmmmmm and I’m the immature one? Yeah I guess I can see that. Both of my kids are alive, I take very good care of them, they both live with me, and they have a roof over their heads. Nope I’m not an adult. Like I said before keep living in your make believe world.
    How about this if after the trials she is in fact proven not guilty I’ll come back on here and apologize, but if she is in fact proven guilty for something she DID have something to do with then I will come back and say I told you so. Ether way in my eyes she’ll ALWAYS be guilty. I’ve read all the articles, I’ve seen the videos, I know what I used to read when I talked to her. She wasn’t right in the head, and from what one of the articles said that I read the judge didn’t think she was very stable ether, and a flight risk. I didn’t quote exactly cause it would take to much of my time to hunt that article down but I do remember what it said. So you keep standing up for her, and we’ll all keep standing up for Savannah.

  47. How does being arrested once for hitting Melissa does not show a history of abuse. Im sorry for what I did, I should have kept my calm. But, i did alot for Melissa. Everything i did was for her and my kids and I lost it when I found out she was with various guys on the net. She has been both physically and mentally abusing me and Savannah for years. I tried going to her family and my lawyers, and the shirrifs about my concerns over Savannah, no one would listen. She even introduced one of her “boyfriends” to her father long before we split up. This was the same man who kept telling me that Melissa would never cheat on me. Melissa had been very volitile long before we were together, but I loved her. Stupid me. I hope she’s innocent, but I know her and I dont believe so. I wish people would be more responsive when someone expresses concern over the saftey of children. I live everyday wondering what I did to make her leave me, and I wish I had been a better man and handled thing logically, instead of losing myself in my pain, if I had, my daughter would be alive. I grew up in an abusive home, and I wanted none of that life for my children, my nightmares were realized once they left my care. All because women can never be seen as potential monsters. If they do something it must be something else that drove them to that point. If she is guilty, its because she did what was in her nature. God, I hope she is innocent, I cannot live with the fact that I loved a monster.

  48. I tend to agree with Rob. If you know people are acting inappropriately (and that is a pretty mild description of the monstrous way they treated Savannah) then you are just as guilty as they. If you didn’t, well then I apologize.
    Facts are facts though. Whether it was Scott or Melissa that actually administered the beating, tied Savannah by the wrists and ankles and brutally stuffed her in a sleeping bag to die doesn’t matter because they were both aware of it and did nothing. Savannah probably lay there wanting someone to protect her from the monsters and the very people that were supposed to take care of her were the monsters. It is inexcusable and horrific. No need for horror movies and scary books around here, I just have to pick up the paper and read about people like Scott and Melissa.

  49. David, I appreciate you stopping by and am sorry for your loss. What I said in my comment to “Truth Detector” is how I feel. The two were monsters and hopefully they will pay for their crimes.
    I know that you mentioned that some of the abusiveness in your relationship with Melissa was true, on both your parts, and hopefully you paid for it as well and have learned from that.
    That having been said there is nothing that will bring back a child and no amount of anger or prayer will fix the hole that remains in someone after the loss of a child.

  50. You are right, they haven’t gone to trial yet and thus have NOT been found guilty. Once they are I’ll update this, but let me ask you a question, Truth Detector. On your MySpace page you have “Stop Child Abuse” in a prominent location yet here you are defending a child abuser. How does that make you feel and how can the two coexist?

  51. Take it from me, someone from the inside of this mess. Someone who has known both David & Melissa for YEARS. David was always the abusive one. NOT Melissa. Melissa is TINY, David is HUGE. That alone makes it pretty hard for David NOT to defend himself if Melissa was abusing him. Who was the one that wound up with domestic battery on their record? David! Who was the one that wound up in the shelter for battered women? Melissa and the kids! There are enough documents in the courts and among various agencies disproving almost all of what David claims in his post! You people should be wiser than to believe everything you read online and hear in the news. Don’t you know that the media plays things up for ratings? There are TWO sides to every story. Remember that. We were not in the apartment that day. We do not know what happened. I do know that Scott & Dave share a lot of the same “issues” and tendencies. I do know that David would prevent Melissa from calling for help when need be, so how do we know Scott, who is another KNOWN abuser, did not do the same? You and I do not know all the facts but I, myself, DO know that David and Scott are abusers and Melissa is a victim of their abuse just as Savannah was.

  52. Natasha, Once again you are showing your age. Please stop with the little insults as they dont harm me nor help Savannah. Try growing up and having adult conversation first. For your information I am a friend, a “Real” friend whom cares deeply bout Savannah and Logan. Do you know what its like to be a real friend Natasha? I have posted for the last time as I think Ive made you out to be what you are and that is unknowledgeable about the very thing you talk about on here. Please for the sake of everyone involved learn about the system first then post.

  53. First of all, addressing any accusations of me abusing my kids: I have never hurt my children and Melissa, even under sworn oath testified to the courts that I have never hurt my children. As far as Melissa abusing me: when you love someone, you tend to take what they dish out and not defend yourself. Yes I am huge and had I abused Melissa as I am being accused of, she would have been unable to maintain a civilized friendship with me after the divorce.

  54. Hello People, been a long time since I’ve ventured to this forum. The user with the handle “someone who knows” is an oxymoron in itself. The concept of huge versus tiny is the most ignorant statement I have ever heard. There are two types of victims, as I’m sure you know… the willing and unwilling. As you have read above, David was a willing victim. He took the blunt end of Melissas abuse for a number of reasons, which I will not post here, for fear of being verbally torn to pieces by her friends and family.
    And as for Natasha, she may be young in age and knowledge, but her experience probably spans much further than most of you overpriveleged Dolce & Gabbana wearing trust fund types. She is regaining her personal power. Who are any of you to push her back down? Melissa and the rest of you have much in common.
    Though I feel I may be kicked off the forum for speaking this, a least I can do it with some dignity. To all whom have been touched by this tragic and horrific event, you all have my condolences. And for future reference, a proper insight of eight years of a relationship can not be garnered by viewing police reports, etc. that all occurred within a two month span. There is much to be learned by many people, including myself by reading this forum. For one, I have learned that just because you may be “rich” in funds and assets does not mean that you are rich morally.
    Even though I know the father personally, I once again restate something that I had written on this forum 1 month ago. There are two types of bad people, those who do the bad things, and those who do nothing about them after seeing them. Rob, cheerio on identifying the enabler. Richard, you are truly a good person with a good heart and many blessings to you and your family for creating this blog.

  55. I never stuffed a dead child in a sleeping bag. Have you stuffed a dead child in a sleeping bag to hide her from police to protect the person who murdered her?
    Are you really saying that people who desecrated the corpse of a child one of them murdered deserve “healing” not punishment? By your lax standards we could forgive people for anything. But is it fair to the child to give sympathy to these people, or are you basically spitting on her grave?

  56. Odds Botkins “Truth Detector” you couldn’t have a less apt handle. I’m the real actual Rob Taylor from Red Alerts.
    But if you feed those kids you knew they weren’t being cared for properly, if you knew that you had a responsibility to call someone. Thus you enabled the whole affair (if you were there at all and not as I suspect a morbid Internet troll) by allowing these two to escalate. You knew it was only a matter of time before something bad happened and now you’re demanding that people not make judgments here lest they judge the cretin that sat around and watched these two skip down the path to murder.
    In a way you are worse than either of them because rather than sympathize with the child you’re defending the murder of her. You and some others here are acting as if the dead child means nothing, that she’s something we can move beyond. It is wicked and sinister to imply that the main thing we need concern ourselves with is minutiae of the case and not how awful it was for Savvanah to be abused, beaten until she she could feel her life slipping away, tied up and stuffed in a sleeping bag like garbage. All the while waiting for her rotten mother, or one of you people who supposedly;y knew and cared about her, to save her.
    You can call me immature all you want, at least I have a soul.

  57. I luv how this was just repeated.

    Truth Detector:
    Natasha, Once again you are showing your age. Please stop with the little insults as they dont harm me nor help Savannah. Try growing up and having adult conversation first. For your information I am a friend, a “Real” friend whom cares deeply bout Savannah and Logan. Do you know what its like to be a real friend Natasha? I have posted for the last time as I think Ive made you out to be what you are and that is unknowledgeable about the very thing you talk about on here. Please for the sake of everyone involved learn about the system first then post.

  58. I’m so glad you stopped by. I know as other people who know you know what a good person you are and what a great father you are. Logan needs to be with you. We all love and miss Savannah and we are all here for you.

  59. I can NOT believe that she pleaded insanity. She’s just trying to find the easy way out of being punished for KILLING HER DAUGHTER! THAT MURDERER DOESN’T DESERVE TO BE OUT ON BAIL. SHE NEEDS TO BE ROTTING IN JAIL WHERE SHE BELONGS! That baby needs justice and her pathetic egg donor is dragging it out. At least she’s facing four counts of neglect. She was never a real mother. Not with all the crap she put those poor kids through. She was a piece of scum. QUIT DRAGGING THIS OUT YOU PIECE OF CRAP! GIVE THAT BABY SOME CLOSER! YOU ROTTING IN JAIL WHERE YOU BELONG!

  60. Thanks Savanah. I am in the process of re-writing this post (hopefully tonight I’ll be finished) and will make sure the link to the group is listed in it as well. Just joined myself.

  61. Remain calm. If you do a little research you will find that insanity pleas are only .2% successful in cases where there is a death involved and of those who are found guilty by reason of insanity 100% spend more time in a psych ward than they would’ve in prison. The lowest amount for said peoples has been 40 years. She does not meat the requirements for this anyway, in all cases the persons showed extensive past psychological damage and problems with the law or hospitalization. She has no foot to stand on. She is building her whole case around battered wife syndrome, which will fall apart when the psych evals are done by the state professionals. Reason being as they are trained to spot liars, though I know she is a great liar, they will see right through her. I made a mistake once, not for the whole of our relationship. The twisted creature I once called wife will finally pay for her crime, of this I’m sure. My daughter will be avenged. I may sound harsh but I am tired of this monster walking free. You don’t have to see her in the courtrooms where she is trying to keep getting child support for children she doesn’t have. That’s right, not past support but new support, she is fighting the fact that I am asking the court to end child support. She walks in there with her boyfriend (yes, she has a boyfriend, same guy she dated before we went out. The same guy she swore to me raped her) all smiling and bubbly like nothing is wrong. So, yeah I hate her. Our daughter is dead, she faces prison, but she is happy and in another relationship, while her husband is in jail, but that’s neither her nor there. No one should ever defend a child killer, nothing can make a person do that crime other than the person themselves, It’s time we stop letting people make excuses. Look up how many women are currently pleading insanity for killing their children. When does this stop?

  62. I would like to know who post this and how are you family? what side? also looking up the father doesn’t prove anything also How could a Mother Like Melissa go around lieing about her Ex Husband and was cheating on him and then telling Her Ex Sister in law that she doesn’t want anything to do with Savannah and wish she wasn’t ever Born??? I don’t know what happen or what is the true story about how she died but one thing is I wish people would get the True Story and Stop the Bullshit…. You all want to Point the Finger at Savannah’s Real Father Well He not the one that Case her Death he isn’t the one that Murder her and all…. So why don’t you all stop Harrassing Her Father and Loook at The MOther and Step-Father they are the ones that Beat her and cause this to happen …. Melissa Should have tooken Savannah to the Hospital is she really cared for her Daughter she would have done that but she left her after beating her…..!! Melissa would beat on her exhusband and treat them like shit now I got a question for everyone on this POST ( IF YOU WAS ALWAYS BEING BEATEN FROM YOUR WIFE AND THE POLICE WON’T DO SHIT FOR A MAN BUT THEY WILL COME AND PROTECT A WOMEN BUT NOT A MAN) HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF YOU WAS BEING BEATTEN BY SOMEONE YOU LOVE AND HAVE THEM GO AROUND LIEING ABOUT YOU SAYING YOU BEAT ON THEM WHEN YOU HAVE NEVER??? THEN TO FIND OUT IN THE CARE OF YOUR EX WIFE (OR) EX HUSBAND AND THEIR NEW LOVER THAT ONE OF YOUR CHILDREN WAS FOUND DEAD??? AND THERE WAS NOTHING YOU COULD DO TO STOP IT??? BECAUSE OF ALL THE LIES FROM THE EX WIFE KEEPING YOU FROM YOUR CHILDREN WHERE YOU COULD NOT PROTECT THEM?? HOW DO YOU THINK THE FATHER FEELS WHEN HE WAS TRAPED AND TRYING TO DO WHATEVER MAKE SURE NOTHING WOULD HAPPEN LIKE THIS.?

  63. It’s always nice to look at a grammar text book every once in a while so as not to look like a fool before speaking.
    As far as David if you would stop for a minute and actually look at the comments he stopped in and posted at least one response to some of the other comments people had left in order to clear the air.
    I haven’t had the chance to look anything up about this case lately, does anyone know what’s going on with Melissa’s plea of insanity?

  64. Women who are the victims of abuse leave their spouses every day. They get their kids out. There is a child abandonment law that states that any child under the age of 18 can be dropped off at a *fire station, hospital, police station* location no questions asked. EVER. MOTHERS get their kids out, even if they are unwilling. EVERY person that was involved was guilty. I know this. I know this because I know mothers who have gotten out. I know women who gave up their kids so their kids wouldn’t be victimized like this. I am a mother. Your first priority when you are a mother is your kids. Not your husband, exhusband or yourself. Your first priority as a father is your kids. Not your wife, your ex wife or yourself. And the same is true for the Aunts/Uncles Grandparents and other Adults around. IF YOU KNOW OF A CHILD BEING ABUSED- GET THEM OUT. If the mother or father or who ever is preventing this child from escape then they are GUILTY. If they do not get them out themselves they are GUILTY. You may not be found at guilt in the eyes of the legal system, but you can look at yourselves every day in the mirror knowing that you are GUILTY.

  65. Mr. Pioch,
    I have read that you too are an abuser, and I don’t know or care if that is false or true at this moment. All I want you to know from me is that I am sorry the little girl Savannah is gone, for there is more to life than what she got to know. Now. There are children who are left after this event. Logan. I strongly hope that you will ensure that what is best for this child is done. If you are or ever have been an abuser, then I hope you will step aside. If you have not, then I hope that you will show this child that abuse is no way of life. And if you can not do this, I hope that you encourage the authorities to find him a mommy and a daddy to love him. Will you break this chain? I do not know your situation. For all I know you may be superdad. You may not be. I do not know. But you MAY have a chance now to help this child. Please do that. Only you know in your heart what that should be. I hope that you act in the best interests of this child.

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