Pulling My Hair Out…

…what little I have left anyway.

Unfortunately I have meetings all afternoon. Once a year we have a big ‘town hall’ meeting for the management in the Atlanta area. In the past it’s been at the Galleria but this year I think they needed a bigger venue are we have to drive down to the Georgia International something or other down near the airport. That sucks. The meetings at Three which means we will get out about six. Just in time to drive back out to the west side in afternoon traffic. That really blows.

I have hooked up with one of the other district manager and will ride with her. I don’t particularly feel like driving myself especially since I will be in a rental car. Due to the meeting I had to reschedule the pickup time and have to go get my rental car at noon today, go to the meeting, go back to work and do audits and inventories, write about 30 posts, take the dog to the kennel, pack, throw the cats in the basement, clean the house, then drive to damn South Carolina, all in the next 36 hours. I will need an extra day of vacation just to get over the vacation.

BTW, we had thought about maybe going down to Savannah on Friday instead of hanging out in Beaufort. Any of you guys want to meet up that live in the area?

NEXT Saturday (I think it’s the 22nd) we are having a party and anyone that wants to join us at the house can email or call me.