We’ve been here for about 30 minutes now and everyone’s safely tucked in bed, even the wife. Just as soon as I post this I am at least going to try and hit the sack. We are planning on being up around 5:30 so I need to get at least a little bit of shut-eye. We are staying right on Bay Street and from what I could see in the dark it’s beautiful. Planning on taking a bunch of photos tomorrow and if there is time I will upload them tomorrow afternoon. Blogging will be somewhat sparse during the day except for the occasional twitter or maybe if I take a few shots on my cell phone and send them via flickr.

Family Day on the base is tomorrow and we are planning on spending most of the day there. The base opens at 7 AM and we have to leave at 7 PM so unless the girls are complete buttheads we will spend the entire time there. My parents checked in earlier this afternoon and will be with us tomorrow and my brother’s family is going to drive down tomorrow night and be at graduation. They are crazy. I am too old for that shit and what little sleep I do actually get I value too much to drive all night, stay awake for something half the day and then drive back home (to Carey North Carolina) right after it’s over.