Now THAT Was Long…

That too but I was mainly referring to yesterday. I ended up not getting home from work until Ten last night. The meeting at the convention center lasted more than two hours yesterday. I think we finally got out of there around Six Thirty last night. About ten of us stopped for supper at this place called Johnny Carino’s Country Italian. I’ve had better Italian but it was pretty good. The waiter was good and handled us very well. Most of the time that you get a large party together like that they have a hard time and end up doing a really good job or they just suck, particularly considering that all ten of us work in the restaurant industry and that makes us a pain in the ass to wait on.

Apparently my VP and another one from out toward Kennesaw were in one of my restaurants yesterday trying to talk one of my managers into moving to a store out that way. It’s my guy that I have such a hard time with. The problem is that I did some checking around and the girl they want to replace him with is worse. Crap. I asked both of my other managers to put a bug in his ear that he doesn’t want to leave. Lesser of two evils and all that stuff.

I picked up the minivan we have rented for the week yesterday afternoon. I will have to go pay them a visit again this morning. The email I got after reserving the damn thing gave me a quote of just under $300 for the week, but I ended up getting charged just over $400. I did choose the extra insurance this time for some reason but that only adds $8 a day so I don’t know how they pulled another $75 out of there ass on this one. Once I wake up a bit more I’ll check the contract and see what they charged me.