We are in Bluffton, SC now. After I got off the computer this morning we had a bit of breakfast, packed up, checked out and drove down here. It’s only about 25 minutes from Beaufort so was a nice easy drive.

I think I left off this morning discussing Thursday afternoon. After we took the boy back to the squad bay we drove back to Beaufort and hung out at the hotel for a while. The wife and RePete stayed at the hotel while I went to have coffee with Pete and my parents at this little coffee shop down by the bay. We had a pretty good time and Pete thought she was hot shit getting to go have cheese cake and cream soda with us. It was just pretty nice hanging out with them. We got back pretty early for me on vacation and I was in bed before eleven.

I slept in yesterday and managed to get up at some point after six. Once we got some coffee in us we headed back down to Parris Island. We were in the stands shortly after eight and they were packed. I had to call my parents and make sure that they were on the way as they weren’t letting anyone save seats.

Once again they are ready to go. I will get online later this evening. We are heading in to Hilton Head Island to hang out and have some supper. More later…

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