Graduation Ceremony

Picking up from where I left off earlier…

It was OK outside pretty early but it got hot and humid very quickly and the stands were packed so it was extremely uncomfortable. The ceremony last between and hour and an hour and a half all total, which wasn’t too bad. They drilled a bit and the band played for a while. The commanding officer gave a speech and they presented a few honor graduates. All in all it was pretty exciting. Once I have my thoughts around me and have a few pictures to look at I may go into more detail tomorrow night or Monday at some point.

My brother and his entire family came down from Carey yesterday for the graduation and that was really cool. We ended up going to Golden Corral for lunch, all eleven of us. The boy pigged out and made himself a bit sick I believe. Once we got back to the hotel we hung out for awhile and my brother and the rest drove back home, as they had a drive of several hours to make. We had dinner at some joint called Luther’s on the Beaufort waterfront. It was a bit loud bit the food was good. I got really pissed off at the end though. I normally tip at least 20% and although there were only seven of us they tacked on a ‘large party gratuity’ of $27 to my check. There went her fucking tip. I can see restaurants adding on if there are fifteen people or more but they can kiss my ass. My check was $150 so her tip would have been a bit more than she actually got.

It stormed pretty for a while last night, enough to wake me up. Normally I can sleep through bad weather so it must have been tundering pretty loudly to wake me.

We slept in a bit this morning and once we finally got moving this morning we cleaned up the room and van, checked out and drove down here to Bluffton. Our friend Niqui will be moving later this year so this was our last chance to see her, at least me and the kids. The wife may drive down before she moves. Hopefully anyhow.

Ate lunch at Golden Corral again and then came back to the house and promptly took a nap. For supper we decided to drive in to Hilton Head and eat at Coligny Plaze, which is right off the beach. Had a great time there. We walked down to the beach as the sun went down and hung out there for a bit before heading back.

I will most likely not put a post up again (other than tweets and the occasional flickr upload) until tomorrow evening. We are going to head out mid-morning and drive back home. It’s about a five hour drive for us. Once we get home I am sure that I will have a mess to clean up. Even though we boarded the dog I set the cats up in my bathroom with two litter boxes and several pans of food and water to take care of them. It is going to be awful to clean up I am sure.