Photo Throws!

My Aunt is an artist. In addition to painting and photography she also
teaches in her studio when she has the time. Last year as gifts she painted
pillows for all of the ladies and the gifts were very well received. Ours is
great and it’s sitting on the couch right now. A couple of years back I made my
Great Aunt a T-shirt with photographs of my children on it as a Christmas gift
as well. People don’t have to receive $1000 gifts to be amazed. I know I am more
appreciative of the personalized gifts that I have received from my family and
children than any others that I have gotten. They are keepsakes to be

One of the things that I thought when the wife received the painted throw
pillow was that it would be pretty cool if I could get a few of them with
photographs on. Apparently there are a couple of different places to get
personalized photo gifts like that and I wasn’t even aware of it until a few
days ago. VisionBedding has some really neat photo gifts such as Photo Blankets
and Pillows. Blankets!


The prices are pretty decent and range from about $59 for the pillows to just under a couple hundred dollars for the largest blankets. I was pretty impressed with them once I got to looking through their site.

I don’t watch much popular television which is why I haven’t seen these I suppose, but they have apparently been featured on VH-1 reality TV as well as in the L.A. Times. There are also plenty of customer testimonials to check out just in case you are worried about spending your hard earned dough.

The photos are permanently died into the pillow or blanket rather than being stitched or ironed on like most of their competitors, which gives the photos wonderful clarity, as good or almost as good as the original photo. Obviously if you only upload a small picture and expect them to print a huge blanket it’s NOT going to turn out great, so make sure that the photographs you are using have a decent resolution.

It’s easy to order as well. You upload your photos and design the product yourself by picking the picture layout, cropping your photos, choosing the border and product colors, then just preview the finished product and you are done. It can’t get much  simpler than that. It works pretty much the same ways as the vinyl wall posters that I designed and ordered earlier this year. Make sure that you own the rights to the photographs that you upload as they may contact you for proof if there are any discrepancies. For more information you can call VisionBedding at 515-450-7348 or email them. Just click the blanket or one of the links above to get to the web page