Back With A Vengeance…

This has been one day from hell. I hate coming back from vacation and today just gives me that much more reason to hate it.

I arrived at one of my stores this morning shortly before 7 AM. On of my managers is off today so I was running his store. When I got there I found a note on his desk that basically told me I was going to be short a waitress on every shift today. Considering that is 1/3 of my day shift and 50% of my night shift that’s three too many waitresses. Not to mention the fact that he has known since Monday and did nothing to cover it. One of the two waitresses called a couple of minutes after her shift started to let me know she was going to be late (duh…) and the other one just never came in at all. Total goat fuck. I did manage to get it covered but had a pretty hard time with it because this store is so darned slow that it’s hard to get anyone to work there. People tend to go where the money is. My head has been pounding since about ten this morning and it just won’t let up.

In addition to leaving me with no help he also left me with no money. I mean NO money other than a hundred dollar bill. Normally we have two cash drawers, one out front and another in the safe to swap to for the next shift as well as having a little extra change and ones. Having ones, fives and quarters are a necessity in the restaurant business. I had none of the above and had to scramble around and buy change and bills out of my pocket from the waitresses just to start the day and get through until I could make it to the bank.

I managed to get the other shifts covered and actually got out of there shortly after two this afternoon, which was a pleasant surprise but things only got worse this evening. When I called to check on my staffing and sales at shift change (about 9 PM) the waitress that was there let me know that she had just gotten called and her grandchild was being born. At least in my eyes that is a bit more important than being at work. Although she said she would stay I told her to get the heck out of there. I think the only reason she told me she would stay is that she was just afraid I might fire her for leaving. I don’t do stupid crap like that. I think I finally got the shift covered about 9:40 or so and will be hitting the sack soon. I already have an extra coming in tomorrow morning, so whoever gets there last gets to go home, they just don’t know it yet. Damned waitresses can’t get to work on time anyway so one of them is bound to get sent home. If by some fluke they do show up the girl that didn’t call me today gets sent home.

Hopefully tomorrow will go a bit smoother than today did. I need to get out of there at a decent time tomorrow. I have a meeting at 3 and the funeral for Mike Hardegree is at 4 or 4:30 so I will have to leave the meeting early to pick up the girls.