Back To The Iron Age…

When I was growing up I remember my parents had this really cool iron candle holder on the wall. I was sort of a triangle shape with flowers and chains that ran down it to each of the arms. I’m still not sure why but that thing just brings back a lot of good memories. All of my life I have loved iron wall art, particularly sconces and other candle holders like this Bonna Wall Candle Holder.


I like candles in general anyway, so this combines two of the things I like very much. When you turn down the lights and have several candles going it looks and smells wonderful. The way that the flames and shadows dance over the gorgeous metal wall art is pretty cool, almost medieval.

After I found that candle holder I started browsing through the site and found that Wall Decor & and Home Accents has some pretty nice wrought iron decor available besides the candle holder as well as other stuff such as shelves and clocks and other architectural pieces. The old saying about your home being a castle is doubly true when it looks like one 🙂 Perhaps I was just born at the wrong time, but I could sit around and find watching the flames play over this stuff even better than television.