Care Packages

A while back we sent a couple of care packages to our nephew in Iraq. He has thus far received one of them and thoroughly enjoyed the contents which ranged from snacks and libations to toothbrushes and stuff. It took right around a month to get to him, which could be worse I suppose. We have sent him another one more recently but he hasn’t received it yet. I guess now that my son is in the military we will end up sending quite a few more care packages each month.

As much as I enjoy sending out the care packages it can be a pain to try and get everything together and packaged properly for a long trip. There is a website at that will ship care packages to our soldiers for you. Show Your Support of Our Troops! CookiesAmore has several different type of care packages that include different types of snacks for soldiers with and without a sweet tooth.

Some of theses guys (and ladies) spend a year or more away from their families and friends and even away from people that speak the same language. One of the coolest things that you can do to show your support for the members of our military is to send them a care package.