September 24, 2007

Update on Ahmadinejad

More of an update on his pre-speech stuff. Columbia University President Lee Bollinger apparently gave a speech prior to Ahmadinejad and in the speech challenged Ahmadinejad on quite a few things. From what I have been reading at Debbie’s site (The Right Truth) Iran has a Columbia University Alumnus under arrest and maybe that’s part…Read more

Wordless Wednesday Blogroll

I started participating in Wordless Wednesday a couple of weeks ago and think I will continue posting Wordless Wednesday posts, therefore the blogroll is in the extended entry so that I can get to it from my sidebar. If you are interested in participating and joining the blogroll (you can participate without joining the roll)…Read more

Dance? I Don’t…

My girls love to dance. I think that’s just one of those things that children enjoy. My wife likes to dance as well, although since she has been with me for the last almost twenty years she doesn’t get the opportunity to do it all that often. That’s because I Just Don’t. I dance at…Read more

Breakfast of Champions

After my breakfast of a couple of handfuls of Turkey breast lunch meat there’s not much better than a homemade chocolate shake made with Chocolate ice cream, a touch of milk, and some chocolate syrup. Damn that’s good. I’ve had most of my major food groups now, poultry, dairy, vegetables (chocolate beans), caffeine and tobacco….Read more

Costa Rica

One of the places I would eventually like to go on vacation and spend some time is Costa Rica. When I wanted to find Costa Rica information of course I used the major search engines as well as the links I already had to see what I could find out about the country, about Costa…Read more