Costa Rica

One of the places I would eventually like to go on vacation and spend some time is Costa Rica. When I wanted to find Costa Rica information of course I used the major search engines as well as the links I already had to see what I could find out about the country, about Costa Rica Travel and Costa Rica Real Estate because that would give me a general idea about the people and the economy down there.

Costa Rica is a constitutional republic in Central America which is bordered by Nicaragua and Panama. It is also the first country in the world to constitutionally abolish it’s army. It does have a national police force but no standing army and unlike most of it’s neighbors in Central America there has not been a civil war since 1948, the year that the army was abolished. Funny how that works.

cataract on the rio savegre.jpg

Costa Rica is a beautiful place. Although probably a tad bit warmer than what I like I would still love to visit for awhile, and up in the mountains it would not be nearly as hot as the coastal regions.

I would like at least once to go see Volcán Irazú, an active volcano near Cartago.