Man who had child-sex tape turns self in

Apparently the guy I wrote about last week has turned himself into authorities. Darren Tuck is the guy that gave police a tape depicting the rape of a 3-yearl-old girl, saying that he found it in the desert. The police said that he had the tape for at least five months before turning it in and if you remember from my last post about it someone else had let police know that he had the tape, it was not that he was some kind of good samaritan trying to help out. I am going to have to go out on a limb and say this guy is a damned pedophile and I hope he gets the full sentence for it, which could be life in prison.

According to his attorney Harry Kuehn who appeared on Nancy Grace last week, Tuck was “wracked by indecision” as to what to do with the tape when he realized what he had. I’ll be he was wracked by indecision. The dickhead was already being sought for a parole violation for failure to pay child support as it was. Parole means that he already did something bad and the fact that he was on the run from police and refusing to take care of his children already put him close to that bottom run in my eyes.

The police have also identified the suspect in the tape as well, as Chester Styles who was a distant friend of the little girl’s family. He is also on the run and according to CNN is a “survivalist type” and always carries a weapon.

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