Holiday Coupons ALL the Time…

I have been using CouponChief since I found out about them a few months back and as I am seriously frugal at times finding coupons and deals are a wondrous thing. Obviously it doesn’t take much to impress me. Anyway, the last few days I have been trying to make out Christmas lists for people. There’s my wife and two girls and they should be easy to shop for. Now my son, that will be a little difficult. Whatever he gets has to be extremely portable and he has to be able to carry it onto a military base. I am thus far clueless. Then there’s my parents and quite a few extended family members, probably 20 of them or so.

Most likely for the girls I will get them a couple of books, but I was looking at some of the KBToys deals available last week and there are a couple of things I want to get them there. I figured I could see if Coupon Chief had any moreonline coupons for them. They have a couple of offers but they also have a coupon for free shipping on over 800 items. Very nice. I get paid Friday and will go ahead and get started with my shopping then.

One thing we normally do is to make sure to get Riley the dog and KC the cat gifts as well, since they ARE part of the family. Usually for the cats it will be something to play with containing catnip and for the dog something to chew on, even if he is getting older and not chewing quite as much stuff up. CouponChief has several different PetCo Coupons including one for 15% off all cat furniture. If I could get the cats to quit clawing my furniture and mess up some of their own, that would be great.

For the wife it’s easy. Any type of Home Depot Deals and Coupon Chief has a ton of online coupons for Home Depot. 20% off, 40-60% off, 50% off, free shipping, free gift cards, you name it, they have it.

I guess I will just keep on being cheap. I has allowed me to save a bit of money while doing cool things as well.