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Nothing else until maybe later this morning when I am at work so share your posts. Just send a linkback to this post and it will appear at the bottom of this entry to give a chance for folks to read your work that may not have seen it before.


Linkfest Haven, the Blogger's Oasis

Trackposted to Leaning Straight Up, Rosemary’s Thoughts, third world county, and DragonLady’s World, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.

Here are some of the reasons to host (and post to) a linkfest, taken from Linkfest Haven Deluxe:

When you set up a linkfest on your blog, its a lot of hard work, no doubt about it. However, there are several benefits.
Benefits to Hosts:
1) Visitors to your Blog
2) Links from those linking in
3) Readership for Your Spiels
This last deserves some comment. Over at
Third World County, David makes a short commentary before getting to the post. I do this on occassion. I’ve done presidential campaign polls, I’ve had links to my book. You’ve got people at your website, so take advantage of it if you’re a host.
It’s also time consuming for posters to link to Linkfests, but they also get benefits out of this.
1) Exposure
2) Links to their work
3) Hits
The best benefit is that some people take a look at a linkfest, look around a little bit, like what they see and before you know it, you’ve got a regular reader on your hands. This happens to both hosts and guests. I credit linkfests with helping me increase the number of hits and comments I get on my blog.
If you’re new to blogging, linkfests are definitely for you. They’re a way for good bloggers to get ahead and promote their work. In addition, linkfests CAN increase your Technorati and Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem rankings. However, that’s not the primary benefit. The benefit is being read and becoming part of the blogging community.

For more information go check out the Open Trackback Alliance (OTA)

17 throughts on "Monday Open-Trackback Post"

  1. Celebrate Che is Dead Day

    That’s right, 40 years ago today, Che Guevera stopped spreading communism.Che Guevera believed that a man of action could revolutionize a people and strove to fight what he saw as Yankee domination of Latin America. Theory held that in spite

  2. Hillary “Bitch Slaps” A Voter In Iowa

    From The Prowler at the American Spectator :
    Hillary Clinton is working hard to counter her image as an arrogant Ice Queen. At campaign stops, she laughs at her own jokes and regales the audience with tales of herself as a little girl who stared in…

  3. The Farley Waystop, Bane Virginia

    Here’s a few pictures of my weekend traveling. Taken from the Farley Waystop on Highway 100 in Giles County. I believe it’s Walker Creek, but I’m having trouble verifying that. The map says that the convenience store I saw is the town…

  4. Those Religious Nut Politicians

    Since George Bush was elected president his religious views have been ridiculed and scorned, especially by those on the left and in the media (but I repeat myself). When George Bush says that he seeks the guidance of the Almighty people act as if he h…

  5. Crazy Sam – Iran’s Technology Pace, Speedy Delivery?

    From FOX News: Iran Could Strike U.S. by 2015, U.S. Officials SayIranian technology is on pace to build a long-range missile that could strike the United States within a decade, a high-level Pentagon official told FOX News. But a…

  6. damnation through inaction

    Just remember, boys and girls, that it is only firearms that emit some manner of strange, mind-controlling aura that make people go all manner of stupid and start shooting and killing other people. Knives would never do that. A few…

  7. The Ultimate Internet Scheme

    Do you want to buy cheap prescription drugs from people you’ve never seen? Do you believe that you may have won a million-dollar lottery you’ve never even heard of? Are you convinced that Bill Gates knows everything you do and…

  8. DNA To Shed Light On Columbus?

    DNA tests may finally answer that question for us. When schoolchildren turn to the chapter on Christopher Columbus’s humble origins as the son of a weaver in Genoa, they are not generally told that he might instead have been born…

  9. Hillary Clinton: Phony Feminist

    Andrew Sullivan, commenting upon Geoffrey Wheatcroft, applies that Limbaughesque turn of phrase to Hillary Rodham Clinton and her qualifications for high office. Geoffrey Wheatcroft compares the nepotistic path used by Hillary Rodham Clinton to achieve…

  10. Okay, It’s Time to Talk Politics

    This is supposed to be a political site, and I’ve mostly been talking about TV and movies lately. This is probably because when Bruce is really depressed he likes to watch DVDs. The Cubs did not do well in the…

  11. The Poor Little Rich Kid

    How the Democrats’ Poor Little Rich Kid makes an a better argument for school choice…Barbara Boxer tryining to insure more Democratic Seats in 2006…And Bush meddles in state affairs to stop a killer of two teenager girls from being br…

  12. Rosemary’s Thoughts.
    The Bloggers go bloggin’ on today, hurrah, hurrah.
    Yes. We must gather whatever strength we have left and keep bloggin’ on, so here I am. I’m sitting here at my computer with over 38 emails that I still have to read and consider posting. Oh, the pain of it all! lol.
    Truth is, I don’t have a darn thing to say …

  13. Tuesday Videos: including a Blue Angels tribute.

    First, in honor of the Blue Angels who did get to Fly over Fleet Week in San Francisco, here is some Van Halen.   It featues the old A-4s not the current F-18s, But I saw them fly those planes 3 times in the early 80s and they were no less th…

  14. What are we thinking?

    Israel’s wary of new peace talks, who can blame them. What has peace talks gotten them in recent years? Israeli opposition leaders are stepping up their criticism in the face of the first real negotiations with the Palestinians in nearly

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