Congressman Westmoreland Supports the Fairtax

This is probably old news but I haven’t been to Representative Westmoreland’s homepage in quite some time. The last time I visited there was nothing definite at all concerning the Fairtax but now his statement on taxes is thus:

The burden the federal tax system places on our families and businesses is one of the reasons why the Congressman first ran for office in Georgia, and continues to be a motivation for his service in the U.S. Congress.

The Congressman has pursued the issue of lower taxes throughout his time in the state legislature and in Congress. But despite reducing tax rates, the tax system is so complicated that most people don’t even try to do their own taxes. When it takes additional help to comply with our own laws, something is seriously wrong.

He strongly supports future reductions in the tax and regulatory burden on the people of the United States, and also support efforts at eliminating the income tax completely and replacing it with a national retail sales tax, also known as the FairTax. By implementing a consumption-based tax, we will catch elements of the underground economy that currently pay no taxes, while significantly reducing overhead costs to companies, which will result in lower prices

Most importantly, no one will have to fill out tax forms each year, or have money withheld from their paycheck each month. Eliminating the Internal Revenue Service will be a huge step forward toward a fair system, and the elimination of all of the various loopholes will guarantee uniformity across the board. We must have a tax system that everyone can understand, and that is as little burden as possible.

You’ve got my vote again dude.