Topical Tuesday

Another meme I am trying out for Tuesdays. I kind of like this one because it makes you think and damn does that hurt sometimes 🙂

Anyway here is what Topical Tuesday is all about…

Topical Tuesday is a new meme intended to inspire the art of discussion via our blogs. Each week, on a Tuesday, a new topic will be placed on the main site for people to post about. Topics are open, and don’t necessarily need to be intended for serious discussion – after all a meme should be nothing if not fun!

This weeks topic is The Greatest Superhero and why.


I loved comics as a kid and still do to some extent although I don’t buy them very often. There are two that are near and dear to my heart and they are Spiderman and Batman. I guess to me though, the Batman is the greatest superhero. Batman is a haunted soul with quite a bit of darkness in him that is his main motivation. Although in the last few years Spiderman developed a bit of a dark side I think that Batman had it all along. It was even more apparent just how dark he could be in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. This is one of my all time favorite graphic novels. My copy was unfortunately destroyed a few years back but sooner or later I will get my hands on another original copy. Until then Batman will always be in my head.

I know this is a short entry this week but I wrote this last night and was up much too late. Didn’t get home from work until after ten.


3 throughts on "Topical Tuesday"

  1. Batman is awesome but not one of my favourites. I never understood if he really had any powers or he just relied on his own inventions (I was very young when I read these so I can’t remember well either). If he didn’t have any powers they should give him something!

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