Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and is the second most populated city in Spain at the present. It’s located on the southeastern coast of Spain, on the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the major shipping ports in Europe as well. Although the city dates to three or four hundred years prior, it was a Roman colony around 15BC and you can still see the effects of the Romans in some of the architecture and in plenty of ruins there.


One of the really cool things about Barcelona is that there are 68 municipal parks ranging from fairly small to pretyt large recreational areas. They cover right around 10% of the city itself, which makes it a pretty green place to visit. There are also several beaches in Barcelona, just under three miles of coastline, making it a pretty popular destination for holiday in Europe. Hotels in Barcelona or as they say there, Hoteles en Barcelona, are easy to find, and like anywhere else, the earlier you book the cheaper they are.

As with many of the older cities in Europe, Barcelona sports many theaters and halls for live music, including the world-famous Gran Teatre de Liceu opera theater. Barcelona plays host to several music festivals throughout the year and also hosts the Catalonia Symphonic Orchestra as well.

Madrid on the other hand is well inland and sits right in the middle of Spain. Fittingly, it is the capital of Spain and really the financial capital as well. You can really see the difference from Barcelona, particularly from the Muslim influence that has been there since the 9th century.


Madrid is a pretty large city and thus boats entertainment and things to do 24 hours a day. Hotels in Madrid are pretty easy to find as the population of Madrid is so great. There are quite a few museums and music halls in Madrid as well, and the night life is very active particularly on the weekends when the younger people will stay out all night dancing and leave only to go to work the next morning. That type of stuff was great for me twenty years ago but I don’t see me dancing the night away any time soon.

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  1. I guess this idiot already has him convicted. I’m sorry that you’ve been used so you assume all men are like you. I in the other hand have to have all the FACTS. I have gotten more positive on this young man and both negative and ok for the “mother”. But I refuse to judge either one until ALL FACTS are submitted. Remember this is AMERICA, INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE.

  2. This is awful!!! I am the mother of 3 boys and would never leave them with people i didnt know……or know just a little while

  3. Sorry but I don’t believe Javier did this, I have heard that the mother’s daughter had been taken away from her earlier and that there was a history of abuse of the little boy even before Javier entered the picture. I would be looking more closely at the mother and also the boy’s biological father. I know Javier and I have never know him to be a violent person.

  4. I don’t leave my child with anyone but my pre-school.
    If I did leave my child with you and I come home to find him dead, you will need police protection.

  5. I agree with the sage advice from Richard. Couldn’t have said it better myself:
    “Just because you have been fucking someone for a couple of months by no means makes them a proper care-giver.”
    More mothers should take this advise and quit putting their children in danger. The statistics on stepfathers or other males in the household molesting or otherwise hurting children are astronomical.

  6. No I wouldn’t believe an eyewitness especially a 5 yr old. Anyone can say they saw something and then are found out to cover for someone, mainly themselves. An adult can give false information a child even more. I believe FACTS, FACTS, FACTS.

  7. 1 a young life was ended before its time.
    2 An innocent man life as he knows it has ended..
    3 All on the eyewitness account of a 5 year old??
    4 There is something seriously wrong with our Justice System when a innocent mans life is ruint by a child!!!
    Javier Barker is NOT GUILTY!!!!

  8. Facts:
    1. He admitted to hitting the child.
    2. Jordon saw him standing on his brothers ankles and the medical examiner verified the injuries to his ankles.
    3. He was uninjured when the mother left. That was confirmed by Javier.
    4. There has to be some scientific evidence for the police to arrest him.

  9. Covering for themselves? So is it your idea that Jordan is actually covering up the fact that he, all of five-years-old, gave his little brother a skull fracture and severe brain trauma?
    I certainly believe in innocent until proven guilty in a court of law but that’s a bit of a stretch, don’t you think?

  10. “An innocent man’s life ruined by a child”…
    I think that’s pretty much the other way around.

  11. I would just like to say to GYPSYPUNK, who cares what happens to Javier he took Dillons life, (and that just happens to be one of my guy friends son) even if the 5yr wasn’t the eyewitness his injuries tell all. what do u think Dillon did that to his self? no one else was there mom was at work. let me guess u think the 5yr. old did it. come on. if u ask me Javier is where he needs to be and i would even say death row.
    F.Y.I it is proven that children have a better memory then adults when it comes to a crime. also i am getting so tired of people saying that the police should not believe the 5yr old
    as far as Dillons biological father, he had not seen him in over a year because the mother would not let him. trust me he wanted to be there and had tried to be there but the mother kept a good father from his son’s.

  12. Anyone who didnt know the mother needs to stop talking. She was never afraid of this man, he never showed any aggresion towards her children. She worked her ass off to support her kids in a place outside her means because she felt “they deserved it..” The biological father was never a big part of there lives in fact he hadnt seen Dillon since he was about three months old. The mother never had to put up a fight to keep the children away from him, in fact the biological father never tried to see them, He didnt pay regular child support and lived his life as if he never had children. He never sent birthday or christmas cards and in fact did not know either one of his sons birthdays or full names. (please visit ray bahorski at The mother was with this undetectable monster for almost a year and absolutely never saw any warning signs. Those children are her world and I know for a fact,if she saw anything out of the ordinary she would not be involved with such a man. The facts are that she trusted this man that she was with a month under a year to watch her babies. It was not the first time she had left them in his care and in fact they were happy when he was around. Ther is no doubt that Javier Ruben Barker is responsible for this. For it was not the mother or the brother and forensic science has proved there is no third person.. but there were no warning signs. You just never know about anyone. And I believe that because I met him.. He seemed like a good guy. But he murdered a sweet angel (who I also knew very well).. You just never know…

  13. I know Javier and know they have an innocent man in jail on the word of a 5 year old. I certainly don’t believe the 5 year old harmed his brother but I also don’t believe his story it was Javier either. I am curious as to where the mother’s little girl is now and why she was taken away from her. I am also curious about rumors of former abuse on the little boy even before Javier entered the picture, who did that? I wonder what the autopsy showed and if the injuries were recent or old injuries. I don’t rule out the mother or one of the other men in her life even before Javier. I know Javier as a loving father to his own child who never raised his voice or hand to her. I truly feel sad this happened and a child lost his life but they have the wrong person in jail I believe and I hope the truth will eventually come out.

  14. I did just check the biological father’s myspace web site and for someone who fathered two children you would never know it from his page. No mention or pictures of them at all but plenty of party pictures of him and friends.

  15. First of all, laying blame on the mother is incredibly cruel. How could she have known this would happen? Focusing on where the blame truly lies, this guy’s actions enrage me. I find it deeply disturbing that someone could inflict so much pain on a baby. And, yes, it is obvious from the court reports that they have the right guy. It’s a good thing that many of the posters I have seen here are not child abuse investigators or our society would be in a world of trouble if they were. Looking at the course of events, Javiar crushed the little boys ankles so he couldn’t walk or escape, instead he lie there on the floor crying out in pain. The crying wouldn’t stop so what does the monster do? He goes in and kicks and beats on the baby some more. And, of course the crying continues because he’s got to be in a lot of pain and, although, he’s terrified and would probably like to quit crying so he’d stop getting beat, he can’t. The little boy was lying on the floor in extreme pain and needed help but that MF doesn’t lift a finger to help or try to get help instead he just goes in a third time until he finally gets his precious f’in silence. I hope the prisoners he’s going to meet in the state pen show no mercy for him either.

  16. I dont know how the rumor of this mother having her little girl taken away is circulating, but let me clear it up for everyone. The mother doesnt have a little girl. She has a little sister about 18 years her junior, perhaps that is where everyone is making the mistake.

  17. I think that was probably my fault. I saw her pictures with the boys but incorrectly assumed that she was a sibling of theirs. Once I verify it I will correct the information in the post. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  18. Concerned, you state lots of things as facts which I don’t believe are true facts. You state the court records say this and that, how do you know? Do you have access to the court records others don’t. You have a man guilty who hasn’t even been tried yet all on the words of a 5 year old who for whatever reason could have been lying or mistaken about who or what he saw. I think you sound like someone who has already tried and convicted perhaps an innocent man before we even know all the facts.

  19. Anon, you’re right- I do state a lot of things as facts and I don’t have alll of the facts. Frankly, I’m glad that I don’t know all of the facts because as you have read, I have a pretty good idea of exactly what occurred and it sickens me and pisses me off to no end. I don’t know the victim, the family of the victim, or the perpetrator. What I do know is based on the court records as presented by the media and public statements made by Cass County Prosecutor, Teresa Hensley. What I also know is that as a former member of the Cass County Child Fatality Review team, this has got to be the worst child death case I have ever heard about happening in this county. What I also know, as a former deputy of the juvenile court in this county, where I used to issue orders removing children from the homes of abusive and neglectful parents, supervised juvenile offenders, and the like… there is more than enough evidence contained in the court records as released by the press to convince me of his guilt. But what do I know?

  20. OMG, thats exactly what I am talking about. I read that the mother had a daughter in Vegas that was taken away due to abuse from the mother herself. You stated that she has no daughter, and that is why I say don’t believe everything you read. Javier did not live with this person because I know for a fact he had his own home. Also everyone knows head injuries can take days before symtoms show. That is why I say wait for facts not media. My prayers are for a fair trial, for mom and families (Javiers and the moms).

  21. Richard, I personally have seen a 5 yr old beat his 2 yr old brother with an object and if mom had not been there to stop him theres no telling how much damage he could’ve done. The following day that poor baby had a huge bump on his head and a black eye. If I had not been there to see what happened the mother may have met up with people like the ones on this site, guilty, no facts needed. That is why I refuse to judge Javier or mom until all facts are given, true facts.

  22. The mother had a little girl in vegas that go taken away for abuse?? I would love to know where you are reading that because it is absolutely not true. And (ANON) no dispute that Javier had his own house, but he did live with Casey (signed lease and everything) Also, if you have seen a little boy be that abusive to his sibling then there is definately a problem. I would report it to DFS immediately. As for these little boys, they were the best of friends. Hence, Jordans concern when he heard Javier “spanking” his little brother.

  23. Anon, do you have a link to the story? I would be interested in reading it as I can’t find it anywhere and from what I have been able to verify Casey has/had no daughter. While not everyone close to a situation always tells the whole truth OMG does seem to know what she is talking about.
    Casey, I am sorry for your loss. Having three children of my own I know how painful it is to have anything at all happen to them and can’t imagine what you are going through. I do still however stand by what I’ve said above.

  24. God I dont know what keeps making me come to this site, but I do. I guess it is to defend Casey. A hard working mother who provided for her children by herself. She was never looking for a substitute father.. she fell into single mother-hood quite naturally and worked long shifts to make sure she provided the life she thought they deserved. Ask her at any given time why she did what she did and she would always reply “for my children”. She loved them with her entire being, with every thread that was in her. She was with her boyfriend for almost a year.. he always acted gentle and loving to her babies. I have met him myself and personally told her “he is a keeper..” She definately did not leave these babies with anyone, in fact numerous people at work volunteered to watch them and she always declined. The fact is that she trusted her boyfriend, her kids loved him, and something absolutely beyond my comprehension happened that night. I feel like an absolute fool. But I didnt see it coming. Not a hint, not a clue.. nothing. he seemed like a good guy. The brothers were best of friends and the most they would argue about is what XBOX game to play next. Dillon was an angel in every sense of the word. I find it hard to explain him to people who did not know him. He was amazing and still is. MOM- are you missing anything?? lol. Dil can find it!!!

  25. omg, you said in your comment Javier was a good guy, the kids loved him he was very gentle with the kids. That is all true, I know Javier and he doesn’t have a mean or unkind bone in his body. I am just shocked that anyone would base his guilt on the words of a 5 year old. I certainly don’t believe the 5 year old harmed his brother but I don’t believe Javier did either. I have heard of other previous abuse, I don’t know by who, maybe the biological father I have learned he is in some gang. Also it has been said Casey had many previous boyfriends before Javier, I would wonder if maybe one of them could have possibly harmed the little boy before Javier was even there? Sometimes abuse does not show up until later and I would be very curious to hear what the autopsy showed. I will continue to believe Javier is innocent until all the facts are in and he is proven to be otherwise.

  26. (ANON) my point in saying Javier was kind and good with the children was not to defend his innocence but to prove that there are people in this world that disguise who they are and what they are capable of. You continue to throw out rumors you have heard (ie: “the mother had a little girl taken away from her for abuse”) and now again I ask you site your sources about the little boy previously being abused.. That is just nonsense. As far as the bio father goes, he hadnt made an attempt to see the kids in over three years and didnt even know where they lived. The mother did not have “many previous boyfriends,” she was with Javier for nearly a year and he was the only man in the picture. I know its hard to comprehend, as it is for everyone that knew him, but your friend is a murderer of the worst kind. You should probably just prepare yourself now before more information IS released, because it will make you sick.

  27. dont judge a person if you doant kno them. as for the people who are sayin it was javier, do u even kno him? im guessin not because if u did u would kno who loving and knid he is. i kno him for a very long time. he would never do this. they dont even have evdince on him. why is he in jail and not the mom. there is more evdince on the mom ther is not a single thing on javie. i kno for a fact that the mom had a daughter in las vagas and got taken away due to child abuse. dont go by what the media says they dont even kno all the facts to what really happened. the only thing they say it what they think will make a good story. another thing it does not take one night to kill a little boy form beatin. the beatin that happened to this poor little boy did not happen in one night, and who knos mabey the brother did it. he could have beat him all the time but this time he finaly killed him. and for a fact the brother was mean to him. im not sayin that he did it but i kno for a fact javier did not do it. stop judgin an inniconet man. he should not be in jail for someting he did not do. the truth will come out and when it does it will show all these stupid people that are judgin javier that he did not do it!

  28. Wow.. to the person that wrote the last comment.. you sound like a child. You know for a fact the mother had a daughter?? Your credibility goes to pot right there, as I have stated before the mother never had a daughter. And obviously they DO have evidence on Javier otherwise they would not be charging him with second degree murder. Also I should probably say since youre on the Javier bandwagon, that you should be thankful that the media is ONLY releasing a small bit of information they have. Dillons injuries were a lot more extensive than you know and yes my dear it did happen in one night. Had the autopsy suggested otherwise, then there is no doubt that the mother would be in jail too. Sounds like your grasping for straws in blaming the five year old. His brother physically couldnt and without a doubt wouldnt have inflicted this on his brother. The truth is already out. Javier killed a defensless child. A baby whose eyes were so full of life that even strangers took notice. And I for one hope that everything that was done to Dil is done to him ten fold in prison.

  29. ok. im a little embarrssed and ashamed of myself. i cant sit here and read this anymore w out saying something. first i find it odd that everybody who is defending this piece of shit has no idea how to spell or sound halfway intelligent. shocking that they are all fucking morons… i have to say who i am so that i have credibility. im caseys brother. i havent seen or talked to my sister in years. i only knew dillion for the first few months of his life. the reasons why i have distanced myself from my family are mine. casey has hers. the way we grew up hasnt made it easy to stay close but we both live our lives. we were kidnapped when we were preteens. she was abused by my father after i ran away at 17. i could go on for hours but i wont… bottom line is we have been on our own since we were teenagers. as far as her having a daughter in vegas, absolutely not true. whoever said “i know for a fact” that she did, ur a piece of shit. ur nothing but trash and i hope to meet u one day. preferably in an alley behind a bar… i have a 2 yr old myself. he is my fucking world. after the way i grew up being a father is simple. dont let my son experience anything i did. is my sister off a bit? does she have terrible taste in men? the answer to both is yes. but she loved her boys. she treated her sons the way i treat mine. thats what happens when u have trauma growing up… the report is enough to put this coward pussy away and the trial will do that… friends of this fucking child killer should just feel fortunate im not close to my sister and i found out about this 2 weeks after he was already in custody… casey i dont have the words. im sorry for ur loss. jordan needs u now more than ever… if anybody knows jail this cocksucker is in i’d be greatful to know

  30. wow… i just read what i wrote before. with all the swearing i sound almost s ignorant as those i was mocking. i did have to type it on my phone while driving to omaha but still…
    thank u for the link to track this guy. it’ll be interesting to see how it works out for him. i have enough arms around my shoulder that i will be kept informed…
    to whoever said that u cant believe anyone, “especially” a 5yr old kid obviously never dealt with kids. kis are honest almost to a fault. they tell fat people they are fat, ugly people they are ugly. to think that a 5 yr old kid would tell the story he did to a police man and lie about it is asanine…

  31. That is some sick stuff there…people do need to start screening their boyfriends/girlfriends more carefully before letting them take care of their kids.

  32. First off to Big fish, that is some mouth you have on you. I am sorry for the loss of your nephew but you lose credibility with me when you use the language you do. You say yourself your sister was abused growing up and is a little off, that to me just says maybe she was the one who had abused her own son previously. I do know Javier and know him to be a very kind person who would never hurt anyone. I do believe with all my heart they have the wrong person in jail and I hope he will get a fair trial and be vindicated. As for his wife filing for a divorce, yes she has and they have a beautiful little daughter he adores and has never abused her or his wife. As a matter of fact his wife is standing behind him in this and doesn’t believe for a second he could have done such a thing. Just because they are divorcing does not mean there is not love there and she is in his corner 100% She knows him better than any of you who post here and I only hope he will get a fair trial. I really get disgusted hearing some of the nasty vulgar comments made here about Javier.I truly believe he is innocent. My heart goes out to the little brother who lost his brother I do feel badly for him.

  33. i believe i already commented on my swearing in my last post… yes it made me sound ignorant but reading some of the things as ridiculous as i read (some of which were written by you), i got a bit upset…
    as for this cocksucker who killed my nephew (oops i did it again) find me one fact that makes him seem innocent.
    yes my sister was off. so am i. we grew up in a way that they make cbs miniseries’ about. not abusive off tho. more in a “way where u could let someone in your life who is a coward piece of shit and trust them even when u shouldnt” kind of off.
    every time there is a horrendous murdr everybody involved always says “i didnt see this coming”. “i didnt know he could do this. priests molest altar boys. teenage kids go to school and shoot other teenage kids. just because you think you know somebody and something like this isnt somethng they are capable of, doesnt mean its not possible.
    bottom line is he will get a trial. more than likely he’ll be convicted. i hope once he is you wont be ignorant enough to stand there defending him still. there are some battles that for whatever reason your not gonna win. just cause you wish for something and you believe in something doesnt make it true.
    the fact that you can hear what evidence is in the case and still defend this child killing fuck (damn it slipped again) just proves to me you have no reasoning skills or common sense. i guess that makes trying to talk to you a waste of my time…

  34. Anon, what are you some fucking saint? People use vulgarity to express anger. You obviously don’t understand human nature which tells me that you wouldn’t recognize your friend for what he is either. You are in complete denial. I imagine if the whole thing was caught on video you would still be there professing his innocence. If he’s actually stupid enough NOT to enter a guilty plea, don’t worry he’ll get a fair trial. Of that, you can count on. The jury will be more shocked and disgusted by the senseless brutal murder of a defenseless, innocent toddler than you have been by the vulgarities expressed here. The point is, no one cares how shocked and disgusted you are, your broken-record comments are growing tiresome, and you need to get off your high horse and face the truth. No matter how many times you tell a lie, it doesn’t make it true. You are lying to yourself.

  35. Anger can be express without vulgarity and I do think it only lessens what you say. I am by no means a saint, I don’t think you have to be to express how you feel and get your point across, using vulgarity doesn’t get the point across any better IMO. I understand human nature very well and I think those of you who are so willing to convict a person even before a trial are the ones who may have to eat your words in the end, we shall see. I only hope Javier is able to get a fair and impartial jury when this goes to court.

  36. bottom line is he will get a trial. more than likely he’ll be convicted. i hope once he is you wont be ignorant enough to stand there defending him still. there are some battles that for whatever reason your not gonna win. just cause you wish for something and you believe in something doesnt make it true.
    the fact that you can hear what evidence is in the case and still defend this child killing fuck (damn it slipped again) just proves to me you have no reasoning skills or common sense. i guess that makes trying to talk to you a waste of my time…
    Bigfish24, bottom line is I hope if Javier is not found guilty you won’t be ignorant enough to stand there and go on saying he is guilty. Let him have the fair trial he deserves, Your last line above… just because you wish for something and you believe in something doesn’t make it true applies to you as well….

  37. I see it has an innocent man’s life may be ruined. A poor defenseless child died. The real culprit is going his or her merry way…

  38. Bigfish24, I just wanted to let you know that I don’t think you sounded ignorant at all. I’m so sorry that you and your family have to go through such a horrible experience. You have every reason to sound how ever the hell you want. Besides, it’s much better than keeping it bottled up inside. Yes, I agree with you, words are hard to find for such an incomprehensible act but I do hope that every day brings you the strength that you need to get through this and your sister the strength that she needs, not only to get through this, but to also take care of herself and her son.

  39. Just because he “seemed like a good guy and he was great with the children” does not mean he was. I have a friend who had been with a guy for years and he often watched her daughter while she was at work. he seemed like a great guy, the child even called him daddy. she went to work one morning and left the child with him after he had been drinking the night before. he seemed okay just a lil hungover. by the time she came from work, she found her daughter unresponsive in the bathroom. her boyfriend whom she trusted with her child had beat the child to death because she wouldnt go to bed. nobody would have expected it but it happened. so my comments to all you Javier supporters… the child didnt beat himself. just because javier seemed like a good guy does not mean that he was… and it is possible for those good guys to lose their patience with children and do things that you would never expect them to do. it happens way more often than it should. i hope all the mothers in america are rethinking who they leave their children with now. it can happen to anybody.
    and to you, Javier… I don’t know you. but when you get your trial and if you are proven guilty without a doubt and go to prison, i hope you get to experience all the pain you put the little boy through.

  40. Anon…ok. first- your just doing the same thing that everyone else on this site is doing. No one here knows all the facts. Seems like the facts are pointing to Javier more than ANYONE else. Casey was at work so obviously it wasn’t her. Dylan couldn’t have done this to himself (obviously toddlers don’t have enough self discipline or motivation or even the brain capacity to inflict pain on themselves). The older brother (Jordan?) would have shown signs and symptoms of extreme violence towards other forms of life or his brother before this happened that would have alerted people that he could have done something like this. Things like that just don’t happen out of nowhere. If the brother were to do something like this, doesn’t it seem like there would have been some warning signs and maybe a history of violent behavior? I don’t know, obviously all the facts haven’t been released to the public, nor will they ever. But, i think Anon, you should stop putting up a strong case for your friend based strictly on CHARACTER. Do you know how many convicted criminals would have been set free if we based their trials strictly on character?? its just a ludicrous idea. An as far as when you say, “An innocent mans life may be ruined”, we KNOW an innocent babys life has been taken away, thus ruined. We dont KNOW javier is innocent. Your being the ignorant one by assuming he is innocent.
    In conclusion, we all hope its a fair trial and that the one who really did this is the one convicted, be it Javier or someone else. We all hope becuase that will be one more crazy person we are taking off the streets to keep our children safe. NO matter who did it, lets just pray that they get taken to jail forever.

  41. Im a little shocked at how people come to judge so quickly. I have known Javier for sometime. He was a kind hearted man. I have no doubt in my mind that he didnt do this. Javier and I dated off and on for about a year, and I never saw any sort of violence in him. He loved his little girl, who he talked about all the time. I have 2 little boys who I trusted him with and never hurt them. My boys were always so happy to see him. I dont see Javier doing this. We have been writing back and forth while hes in jail and I know hes going to be found innocent. I am praying for everone involved in the situation.

  42. i went to highschool w him, an im shocked to hear this..javier was a nice, kind guy…i just dont know what to think about this…omg

  43. It pains me to say that I have been estranged from the family for some time now. I just have to express the fact that I am grieving too and I am very, very angry. It is just not fair. Dill didn’t deserve this and neither did Casey or anyone else. I hope that fucker gets ass raped and tortured in prison. And to the person defending him on this site, you disgust me. We are all still grieving over this, we don’t need to read about how he was such a nice man….seems the big cousins hit him good and hard, which is only short of what I assume will happen to him in prison.

  44. wow. people are hillarious. especially the ones that think they know whats really going on. dont listen to what the media is reporting they’ve only gotten like 50% (if that) right about whats really going on. if you dont have inside information than you have no room to talk. ‘better to keep your mouth shut and have people think your dumb than to open it and remove all doubt’

  45. You know what they say. “Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and most of them stink”. You are more than welcome to share your opinion of what’s going on, anonymously of course, if you think you have more knowledge than the other folks here.

  46. I can add further to your update, the next court date is Nov.19th. Yes Javier and his wife are divorced and do have a child, he is still and was always a loving father to his child, never displayed any anger. His ex wife stands behind him throughout this ordeal and is at every court hearing. He has many who believe in his innocence and are anxiously awaiting his trial and hopeful release from jail.

  47. His ex wife is an idiot and should really spend MORE time praising the Lord that it wasn’t their Ava that he murdered, and less time defending this cold blooded killer. The trial is set for March 2, 2010. At which time sickening evidence will be presented that will make even the most devout “Javier Supporter,” a believer. Javier knows what he did, and soon enough everyone else will too.

  48. I appreciate the update and have added it to the post.
    I have taken some of my earlier comments out of it, after having re-read the thing I realized what an asshole I was when I first wrote the article.
    Thanks for coming by and keeping us up-to-date with things.

  49. I am sorry 2true but you know nothing about Javier’s ex wife or child and your assumptions are totally wrong. Javier deserves a fair trial and hopefully that is what he will get and when all the evidence is shown he will be found not guilty and released.

  50. Anon,
    Yes, it WOULD be interesting to find out what the autopsy said. However Casey sure didn’t waste any time going and getting him CREMATED though! I guess some things we’ll never be able to know now. How convenient.

  51. Of course I could be wrong but the way I understand it the autopsy was done. It said that Dillon died from severe brain trauma, a skull fracture and he also had multiple contusions on his body.
    Had law enforcement not finished with Dillon’s body they would not have released him to his mother to have cremated. Perhaps you missed that part.

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