So Many Bills…So Little Time

From yesterday’s Downsizer Dispatch:

So many bills in so little time. Last week, the
Senate passed  14 bills amounting to 1482 pages. The House passed 15 bills
totaling 50 pages. How does this happen?

Each member of Congress sits on a few committees, (where they are often
susceptible to lobbyist influence.) Even if they develop some expertise in a
few areas, they haven’t read, and know very little about, most of the bills
their party leaders ask them to pass. Many of these bills delegate more money
and authority to the President and administrative agencies. The process has its
own inertia, and government grows and grows. It doesn’t matter what the people
want, and the long-term consequences for the nation are rarely considered. This
is why we need the Read
the Bills Act.

But can we pass the Read the Bills Act?

We believe so, because it is clear the tide is turning in our country. The
political culture is changing. Signs of popular discontent are rising all
around us. Polls show record-low approval ratings for Congress, and near-record
lows for the President.  A supposedly “fringe” Presidential
candidate, Ron Paul, dominates the Internet and shocked the Establishment by
raising $5.1 million over the past three months. His message of downsizing the
federal government is resonating with more and more people. Agree or disagree
with Paul, his success is a stinging rebuke to the status quo.

It is clear that people want change, and we can achieve it.

Although we were taught in school that we have a Constitutional system of
checks and balances between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches,
the only check that matters is the people. History shows that direct action
from the people does work. Direct action does lead to change. Popular
resistance can undo any government program. For instance, popular resistance
brought Prohibition to an end. The draft was ended during the Nixon
Administration because of popular backlash, and hasn’t returned for fear of the

But we are not  even asking for popular resistance. Instead, we are asking
for popular persistence. Contact Congress. Tell Congress what must be
done. Ask your friends to do the same, and to tell their friends. And then, do
it all over again. And again. As the pressure mounts, Congress can not afford
to ignore us. Indeed, they will begin to fear us. And so we ask you to tell your Representative and
Senators to introduce and pass the Read the Bills Act.

We also ask you to spread the word. Click the “Tell a Friend” button
on the campaign page.

And add your blog or website to the Read the Bills Act Coalition. Details are
found here.

This week, we welcome four new members to the Coalition:

The Pro’se Plaintiffs &
Litigants Association


Finally, a list of the bills Congress passed last week is found at the bottom
of the
blog version of this Dispatch.

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  1. Now, this is a good idea

    One of the big problems with today’s Congress is that they pass bills without ever reading them. Thousand-page bills are introduced and passed in one day, without most of the voters even seeing a page. Our Congresscritters and Solons are not do…