Remember Baby Jessica?

babyjessica The so-called anniversary of Baby Jessica’s rescue was Tuesday and I had meant to post something in passing about it but got busy doing something else.

On October 16th 1987 I was actually on the road out to Los Angeles when this was on the news. I was pretty young at the time and although it really didn’t effect me as much as it did quite a few people around the country it touched me as well and is one of those things that stick in my head from growing up, such as the Regattas during the Bicentennial, the first Space Shuttle Launch and various other items that I have filed away in that black hole of my head.

Most of the news sites have had something posted this week, the 20th anniversary of her falling down the well and being rescued. It was such a huge deal back then.

The big thing I keep hearing about is the donations that were sent to her family during the time and how it was saved for her in a trust fund (good choice by her parents there) and how she gets it when she’s 25. My question is why is this news? I can see the date being important in people’s minds because we all like to reminisce about things both good and bad but I could really give a rat’s ass what she does with the money. Good for her is all I say.