Cage Match Fights I Would Like to See…

After writing that post about Lars Vilks drawing Mohammed as a dog I got to thinking about a cartoon that I wanted to do but then I realized how little of an artist I actually am and that I might work on an animated thing for a month and it would still suck…

Thus the fact that there is no cartoon here.

What I wanted to draw was a cage fight. THE CAGE FIGHT OF THE MILLENIUM! Jesus and Mohammed. Think about it for a minute. Mohammed might bring his towelhead self and a big sword but Jesus would have the power of the holy trinity behind him. Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Sort of like religious tag team wrestling. That would be one pay-per-view I would pay to see.

How about George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton? The only problem with that one is that they are so much alike it would end up being a draw as they would keep on cooperating as they already are and get together to come up with a plan to rape the spectators for the rest of their money and control their lives through better government…

Mussolini and Hitler. That would be one I would like to see. Either that or several million Jews against Hitler. ‘You think the oven was a bitch, Adolph? Wait there while we collect some stones, bitch!’

Thomas Jefferson and Dick Cheney? Hell, any of the founding fathers and Dick Cheney would work. Maybe that would revolutionize his sense of freedom and propriety, the asshole.

Judge Clarence Thomas and Al Sharpton. I would like to see Clarence Thomas pound the gavel up Sharpton’s ass for all of the injustice and pure stupidity he has done for ‘his people’. He and the right Reverend Jesse Jackson have set race relations back 100 years with their attitudes of bigotry and hate against all that isn’t black. Maybe another tag team. Thomas and Condoleeza Rice against Jackson and Sharpton. That would kick some serious butt. Unfortunately as dirty as the latter pair fight it might be tough to beat them.

Maybe Fab can come up with some Sculpey cage matches for me…If he hasn’t used up all of the good will on the Internet I’m sure that Sculpey Jesus and Sculpey Mohammed would do it.

Speaking of which, how about a cage match between Fab and Avitable

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  1. That’s cold. Almost as cold as my wife when I haven’t cleaned the house.

    Oh, shit…here she comes!

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