The wife made a comment a few days ago about how she would like to go back to Disney World again at some point in the next couple of years. I’m all for that but I think maybe we will do things differently next time. We did have a blast though…

Disney October 2005 007.jpg
We took this one right outside of the hotel we stayed at in the park.

It was fairly expensive. I think that all in all we dropped around $5k while we were there and could have spent more. A bit more than my budget could afford but it was certainly worth it.

The next time we go I would like to stay longer but in order to do so we either need to rent a motor home or maybe an Orlando rental home for a couple of weeks. It certainly was nice being able to stay right in the park but the savings we would have by doing something else would make it more likely that we could stay longer.

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  1. Several days at Disney, we stayed at the Contemporary resort right next to the Magic Kingdom, car rental, three fucking kids, etc..ad nauseum. Set me back a pretty penny it did.

    And I really do want to go back. This time they may give it to me with the golden dong.

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