Late Day

I’m going in late today. A few weeks ago it was decided that the districts and divisions needed to start working some evening shifts, which is actually a pretty good thing. It allows us to do a bit of training with some folks that don’t normally work with us. It also allows me to sleep in a little bit since I have scheduled most of my seconds to come right after my one or two days off. I hate working the evening shift because it means I don’t get to see my family but you have to do what you have to do to make money I suppose.

It is still raining off and on here, thank goodness. I know my plants and fish really appreciate it, but that means that we have done no more decorating since the other day when I posted those pictures. Maybe tomorrow afternoon if it is dry we can get a bit done, otherwise there is probably stuff to do inside the house. We have to start getting ready for this weekend. My daughter turns ten tomorrow and her birthday party is Saturday. As usual we are having a Halloween party. That’s one of the things she gets to enjoy each year. Since her birthday is so close to Halloween they normally wear costumes and have a bit of creepy fun.

She has already received her big birthday present. The wife took her out and let her get her hair done, now she has colorful streaks in it. Other than that she has asked for some board/DVD combo game from Disney that I need to go out and look for.

Took me a second to find the game on Amazon, but this is what she wants…

I just ordered it for next day delivery but it looks like they won’t have it here until Thursday. Plenty of time before the party anyway.