Just Five More Minutes…

You know, I just did not want to get up this early today. I am still trying to nod off as I sit here and write this. Just a couple more minutes of sleep…

This is the type of day where I would lie back down while waiting for the coffee to brew and then wake up two hours later. The wife is smart and all-knowing though and set it up on a timer. It was waiting for me to get out of bed and have that first cup.

Apparently I fell asleep on the couch last night because I woke up at two and went to crawl in bed then. I must not have slept very well. I don’t normally have this much trouble waking up.

I am spending today and tomorrow down in the hole. That’s my store with the incompetent manager. It really does sort of sit in a hole back away from everything, thus the nickname.

I’ve had two of my day shift waitresses give their written notice so far since this woman has taken over the restaurant. Both of them I am transferring to busier stores in order to keep them from quitting. I may be a picky asshole but they are my employees and I don’t like losing people unless I plan on letting them go for some reason. This close to Christmas I certainly don’t need to be losing any help, not to mention the fact that heavy turnover is never good for business. 90% of my business is repeat business and people like to come in and eat and see the same friendly smiling faces every day. It’s hard for people to learn your name when they keep switching.

Thursday is normally our meeting day but apparently my boss and his boss have to drive to Norcross to meet with our senior vice president. The meeting has been moved to Friday. When I reminded my boss that we also have a football game to do tomorrow evening all he said is, ‘yep, and we have a football game’ which pretty much means a fifteen hour day tomorrow. Not exactly my idea of fun going into the weekend.

We had a pretty good time last night, although it was kind of quiet. We took Pete to O’Charley’s for her tenth birthday dinner and let her pick out whatever she wanted. Both of the girls were extremely well behaved, an unlike the Marine she didn’t pick out the most expensive thing on the menu. Although I let her order from the normal menu she still looked through the kids menu (and colored on it for a while) and she was extremely impressed with the fact that the kids menu is for ‘ten and under’. She made sure to let us know that she won’t have to order off of it after next year.

As I mentioned night before last, although we are having her birthday party on Saturday I stopped and picked her up a couple of gifts on the way home from work Tuesday night to wake her up with. One of them was this Technosource Rubik’s Revolution…


Both girls have been having a pretty good time with it. Pete decided to share with her little sister RePete and she has had as much fun as her older sibling. It’s pretty good for hand-eye coordination and as you play it speeds up. She has been doing pretty good with it.

The other thing I pick up was this i-dog thing. It’s a plastic dog-shaped thing that you hook your iPod into via line out/in…


It light’s up when the music is playing through it’s built-in stereo speaker, taps it’s foot, wags it’s tail and moves it’s head up and down. Oh yeah, it’s face lights up too. I made a pretty good choice with this one. Both girls were singing and dancing around the dog (as you do) at six AM yesterday morning. Pretty damn funny actually, but they had a good time.

Although it seems like I have spent more money on gifts than I would, we are kind of toning down the amount of them we are giving out. I want to get a bit more simple, particularly when Christmas comes. The only caveat to that is that my brother and his family normally come down and spend the holidays with us and it sort of sucks to get my kids a couple of gifts and then they get to sit and watch as their cousins open a ton of them. I usually go slightly overboard in compensation.